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CEEB Code: 052358 PVPUSD

Sea King Wellness Program


Palos Verdes High School Wellness Program Objective:

The goal of the Wellness Program is to support students in leading healthy and balanced lives. This comprehensive program is designed to address the social-emotional health of all students. Through education, outreach, and activities, this program is designed to educate students on making healthy choices, developing effective coping skills and implementing interventions when necessary.


What Types of Services are Provided by the Wellness Center:

Group and Individual Counseling

Substance Abuse Counseling (OUTLOOK)

Health Education

Stress and Anxiety Management

Mental Health Awareness and Education

Peer Mentor Leadership Opportunity for Students


Focus Topics for the 2017-2018 School Year:



Stress and Anxiety

Healthy Relationships


Healthy Choices

Nutrition and Exercise


Wellness Center Staff:

School Counselors: Kristen Nelson, Amerika McHugh, Paula Stapleton,

Christina Sunada, Megan Lichter 

School Psychologist: Loren Albeg and Cody Watson

Overseeing Administrator: Danny Barbara


Wellness Center Hours:

Nutrition: 9:53-10:08am

Lunch – End of Day: 12:12-2:45pm


Professional Development for 2016-2017:

Faculty presentation on Mental Health and Students

Torrance Memorial Opioid Epidemic Lecture

Roads to Respect Conference




Ongoing Wellness Activities and Events:

Twice Monthly Morning Yoga for all students and staff

Yoga Class for PE credit

Twice Monthly Mindfulness Monday exercises

Substance Abuse Counseling (OUTLOOK)

Individual and Group Counseling

Evening Parent Speaker Series on various topics

Peer Mentor Program


Monthly Wellness Center Events and Activities:

October-Drug and Alcohol Awareness: Drug and Alcohol Education and Prevention- Thelma McMillen Speaker, Red Ribbon Week

November-Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy Education Video, Make you Own Essential Oil Activity

December-Sleep: Wellness Center Grand Opening and Health Fair with Community Partners

Sleep Hygiene Education, Free Sleep Masks with Healthy Sleep Tips

January-Stress and Anxiety: Coping Strategy Presentation by School Psychologist, Assembled and Distributed Free Finals Stress Kits to student body, Tanker the Therapy Dog Visit, Viewing of Breaking Point Video, Puppy De-Stress Activity

February-Positive Relationships and Social Media: Kind Campaign Presentation, Healthy Relationship Video from Torrance Memorial Hospital and Live From 205 social media education

March-Mindfulness: Mindfulness Workshop with Life Coach Ann Rivera and Mindfulness classroom activities.

April-Healthy Choices: Impact Teen Drivers Student Assembly

May-Nutrition and Exercise: Healthy Cooking Lessons and Tips for Students, Nutritionist Speaker and Student Exercise Challenge.


Parent Education and Speakers:

Tyler Durham: Bite Sized Wisdom for Parents-Parenting a Teenager

Dr. Moe Gelbart PhD: Parent Strategies to Foster Resilience: Kid's in today's Pressure Cooker

Dr. Sloane Miller: Executive Functioning Tips for a More Peaceful Home

Parent Reality Party

Dr. Corinne Hickson: Parenting the ADHD Child

Impact Teen Drivers

Mindfulness Speaker

Nutrition and Exercise Speaker

PVHS South Bay Families Connected Website


Community Resources:

Torrance Memorial Hospital Community Outreach

Clear Recovery Center


Del Amo Hospital

Leah Bernstein Yoga Instructor

Rebecca Newton Mindfulness Therapist

Southbay Families Connected