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Guidance Lessons

Gayle Carpenter Associate Principal | 310-378-8471 Ext. 43204 |
Mrs. Paula Stapleton | Gr. 9-12: A-Da | Ext: 43220 |
Ms. Megan Lichter | Gr. 9-12: De-H | Ext: 43246 |
Mrs. Kristin Nelson | Gr. 9-12: I-Mc | Ext: 43293 |
Mrs. Merika McHugh | Gr. 9-12: Me-R | Ext: 43217 |
Ms. Heidi Shulman | Gr. 9-12: S-Z | Ext: 43216 |

This presentation is intended for all grade levels to help students navigate the distance learning environment during COVID 19, including tips and information on how to access support at PVHS.

Freshman Guidance Lesson
Attention Freshmen! Welcome to the Sea King Community. Your PVHS counselors have put together this presentation to help you successfully navigate high school throughout distance learning.  Your counselor is here to support through your high school journey and we want to make sure you know how to reach us should you need anything. Please take some time to watch the attached video presentation! If you have any questions or need assistance please do not hesitate to reach out to your counselor! 
Freshmen Lunch Time Meet and Greet Lesson
The counselors really enjoyed meeting our Freshmen during our lunch time meet and greet lessons. If you were unable to attend the meeting we recommend reviewing the below powerpoint that details important information regarding graduation requirements, what colleges look for and how to get involved in activities.
We now invite all our freshmen to join their counselors google classroom where you will find helpful links and resources to help you navigate high school.
You should have received an invite to join your counselors google classroom but just in case below are the join codes by counselor:
Paula Stapleton (A-Da): buy6srj
Megan Lichter (De-H): junewsg
Kristen Nelson (I-Mc): bafumfu
Merika McHugh (Me-R): 44xh62f
Heidi Shulman (S-Z): 6y2r64s

Sophomore Guidance Lesson | YouScience Interest Inventory/Career Exploration
Sophomore Guidance lessons will be held in January during English classes. During the lesson students will introduced to YouScience a career interest inventory. They will be given tools to use their results to aid them in career and post-secondary planning.

Junior Guidance Lesson | The Road Ahead Part 1: Using Self-Assessment for Post-Secondary Planning
In February juniors will meet with their counselors in small groups during English classes. During the lesson, juniors will have to reflect on their future goals as they complete a self-assessment to help them determine appropriate post-secondary options. Students will be given resources to help them navigate the college admissions process including stress management tools.
Junior Guidance Lesson | The Road Ahead Part 2: College and Post-Secondary Next Steps
Due to school closures, counselors were unable to meet with students for the second part of the junior guidance lesson.  We have created a virtual junior guidance lesson that can be viewed from home, which covers important information regarding graduation requirements, what students will want to accomplish this summer to be prepared for the college application process and how COVID-19 impacts admission for the class of 2021. Click below to watch the video of our counselors walking through the Junior Guidance Lesson Part 2 PDF.  Since you are not able to click on the hyperlinks on the youtube recording, we have also provided a PDF version with clickable links so you can access all the great resources in the presentation.  

Senior Guidance Lesson

The PVHS counselors have put together a virtual senior guidance lesson for you. Please take some time to watch the recorded lesson that covers important information including the college application process, how to add your college list to naviance, how to request letters of recommendation and the impacts of COVID 19. 
After watching this lesson we invite you to join your counselors google classroom where you will find all the information and materials you need to navigate this process virtually including this presentation, the counselor senior packet, the counselor letter of recommendation questionnaire, the teacher letter of recommendation process, Naviance resources and more. 

To access your counselor's google classroom, please use the codes below:
Mrs. Stapleton (A-Da): 3zenayu
Ms. Lichter (De-H): 7doqyjl
Ms. Evans- long term sub for Mrs. Nelson (I-Mc): 3v42oiu
Mrs. McHugh (Me-R): t6gzfla
Ms. Shulman (S-Z): aney2uq
We look forward to connecting with you in our google classrooms. Please don't hesitate to reach out to your counselor directly should you need assistance!