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Guidance Lessons

Gayle Carpenter Associate Principal | 310-378-8471 Ext. 204 |
Mrs. Paula Stapleton | Gr. 9-12: A-Da | Ext: 220 |
Ms. Megan Lichter | Gr. 9-12: De-H | Ext: 246 |
Ms. Kristin Nelson | Gr. 9-12: I-Mc | Ext: 293 |
Mrs. Merika McHugh | Gr. 9-12: Me-R | Ext: 217 |
Ms. Heidi Shulman | Gr. 9-12: S-Z | Ext: 216 |

Freshman Guidance Lesson | Coronation Day Retreat

The Freshmen Retreat was held on August 22nd, 2018. Freshmen will partake in a full day retreat where they will learn valuable tools to help them succeed at Palos Verdes High School both academically and socially. At the end of the day freshmen will truly be able to call themselves a Seaking!

Sophomore Guidance Lesson | Do What You Are?

Sophomore Guidance lessons will be held in December during English classes. During the lesson students will be introduced to Naviance, a web-based program that helps students navigate through the process of researching colleges and careers. Students will participate in a Naviance Scavenger hunt that will give them the opportunity to learn how to build a resume, how to research college admissions statistics and much more.

Junior Guidance Lesson | The Road Ahead

In February Juniors will meet with their counselor in small groups to review important information such as graduation requirements, college requirements, how to build a college list, tips for writing your college essay and much more.

Senior Guidance Lesson

Senior Guidance lessons will be held in September during their English class. All seniors will attend a small group session with their counselor to review crucial information about graduation requirements, the college application process, how to request a letter of recommendation and much more.