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Parent Speaker Series

Mr. Danny Barbara | Associate Principal | 310-378-8471 Ext. 204 |
Mrs. Paula Stapleton | Gr. 9-12: A-Da | Ext: 220 |
Ms. Megan Lichter | Gr. 9-12: De-H | Ext: 246 |
Ms. Kristin Nelson (Substitute: Janine McKenna for Fall 17) | Gr. 9-12: I-Mc | Ext: 293 | |
Mrs. Merika McHugh | Gr. 9-12: Me-R | Ext: 217 |
Ms. Christina Sunada | Gr. 9-12: S-Z | Ext: 216 |

The Palos Verdes Counseling office is excited to offer a series of parent presentations throughout the year that will address a range of topics relevant to raising healthy and happy teenagers. Topics are selected based on current student needs and issues. Parents of every grade level are invited to attend!
fitting a puzzle piece into a head graphicOCTOBER 3, 2017 at Palos Verdes Intermediate (MPR) from 6-7 pm
Mindfulness: Practical Tools for Parents and Students (Parents Only)
Presenter: Bryan Guthrie, M.S. LMFT LEP
Bryan is a licensed Marriage and Family Theraptist, licensed Educational Psychologist and a member of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy. He has 17 years of experience working with families, children, teens and adults experiencing issues related to ADHD, depression, anxiety, behavior disorders, abuse/dependency disorders, autism spec­trum disorders and learning disorders.
The Dolphin Way book coverJANUARY 23, 2018 at Ridgecrest Intermediate (MPR) from 6-7 pm 
The Dolphin Model of Raising Happy, Healthy Kids 
Presenter: Dr. Shimi Kang 
A Harvard-trained physician, researcher and bestselling author, Dr. Kang is the Medical Director for Child and Youth Mental Health in Vancouver. Learn the art and science of inspiring children to develop their own internal drive and a lifelong love of learning. Hear how pushy "tiger parents" and permissive "jellyfish parents" both hinder self-motivation.
The Price of Privilege book coverMARCH 27, 2018 at Miraleste Intermediate (TAB) FROM 6-7 PM 
The Price of Privilege 
Presenter: Dr. Madeline Levine 
A psychologist with close to 30 years of experience as a clinician, consultant and edu­cator, Dr. Levine is also a New York Times bestselling author. She will explore the rea­sons why teenagers from affluent families are experiencing epidemic rates of emo­tional problems. She will also discuss the current narrow definition of success - how it unnecessarily stresses academically talented kids and marginalizes many more whose talents and interests are less amenable to measurement.