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Counseling » Teacher Letter of Recommendation Process

Teacher Letter of Recommendation Process

How to Request a Teacher Letter of Recommendation


1. Ask the teacher(s) in person whether they would be willing to write you a letter of recommendation for college.

2. Once the teacher(s) agrees you will want to ask them if they need anything in order to write the letter. (ie, a resume, the teacher letter of recommendation questionnaire) We recommend completing the teacher letter of recommendation questionnaire for them, a copy can be found in this senior packet. Additional copies are in the counseling office.

3. You will also need to ask the teacher whether they plan to use Naviance to submit the letter to colleges or if they prefer to mail it.

4. If they are planning on submitting using Naviance follow the below instructions:

Sign on to Naviance à CLICK Colleges à Scroll down to Apply to Colleges Box CLICK Letters of recommendation CLICK Add request. Select the teacher from the drop down menu. Choose whether you want them to submit only to specific colleges on your list or to all the colleges on your list. Include a note to your teacher. CLICK  Submit Request.

5. You MUST have the correct colleges on your colleges I am applying to list, the correct application deadlines for each college and the correct submission type (common application, direct to institution). If this list is not correct this will impact your teacher’s ability to send their letters electronically.

6. If you are applying to colleges via Common Application you will also need to waive your FERPA rights in order for teachers to submit their letters electronically. Follow these instructions to do so if you have not already done so for your counselor:

In your common application account go to the My Colleges tab CLICK My Recommenders and FERPA. Under FERPA release authorization CLICK release authorization link. Read and follow the prompts asking if you agree to allow your records to be released (ie transcripts and letters). It is our strong recommendation that you DO waive access to review your recommendations. Sign your name and date the release of authorization to complete the FERPA release.

Now Sign on to Naviance à CLICK Colleges I am applying toà In the Pink Banner CLICK   Match Accounts à input your Common Application email address and date of birth  CLICK Match Accounts. Your Naviance and Common Application are now matched allowing teachers and counselors to send their letters electronically.

If your teacher is NOT using Naviance and plans on mailing your letters of recommendation to colleges you MUST provide them with stamped and addressed business size envelopes for each college you would like them to mail your letter to.