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Laura Palosaari » AP Computer Science Principles

AP Computer Science Principles

Why Computer Science Principles!?
Coding Flipped Forward Materials (in order of use in the year):

Snap! Hour of Code and Units 1 and 2 of their course at Snap! Modules

HTML at CodeAcademy

Python at CodeAcademy or

Extra: Learn to Code while making music with Earsketch

Unit 2 Materials: AlgorithmDevelopment and Device Basics
Snap! Hour of Code and Units 1 and 2 of their course at Snap! Modules 
Optional News Articles
These are to further expand your knowledge of Technology, Social Media, and Society. They may appear as Extra Credit Questions on Tests. 
Unit 1: Innovation and Intro to Digital Content
1) How File Compression Works by Tom Harris
1) The Lost Steve Jobs Tapes by Brent Schlender
2) Three Word Addresses on Ted
Unit 2: Device Basics
1) How to Start Planning a Coding Project by Khan Academy 
2) Top 10 Tech Blogs & Publications (For Your Inbox)
3) What's a Smartphone made of? Video by Ted Ed
Unit 3/4: The Internet and WWW
1) How Google Dominates Us by James Gleick
2) What is the Internet Anyway? by Ted
2) Network Theory by TedEd (what facebook and the flu have in common)

Unit 5 Theme: Cybersecurity


1) The 5 Cyber Attacks you're most likely to Face by Roger Grimes


 2) Network Insecurity by John Seabrook


3) 10 ways to make the Internet Safe from Cyber Attacks by Patrick Tucker

 4) Crash Course Computer Science Cryptography Video
The Final Countdown:

1) Ted Ed Time Management Advice from Machines (happy Final Studying!)


Semester II


Unit : Social Media


1) How to LinkedIn YouTube


2) Prompts for self-discovery


3) The Creative Commons License


4)EC Can you patent a magic trick by Rick Lax 


5) EC Microsoft bought LinkedIN Techcrunch


Unit : Data


1) TedX: How we can store digital data in DNA



2) TedEd: Is DNA the future of Data Storage?


3) What is 5G?