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Mr. Rene Vela » Welcome to Video Production

Welcome to Video Production

Thank you for visiting the Video Production and Live From 205 programs at Palos Verdes High School.  

I have been teaching Video Production & 205 since the school reopened in 2002.  I can remember running this program with one computer, one camera and one goal:  don’t let it die.  This year, we celebrate our 17th year. Today, we have a studio full of cameras, computers, tripods: everything we need to be successful.  I have been incredibly fortunate with support and commitment from the school, administration, parents and the community over the years for Video Production.  

Video Production is constantly changing and I enjoy the challenge of staying current and relevant with my students. My student’s needs change, as does the technology.  It can be a tedious and heavy subject to maintain, but it’s fun.  I discipline myself to stay as current as possible, to provide my students with the best classroom experience.

I have several students continue their Video Production skills at colleges and universities after high school.  I have students that have graduated from outstanding Film, Broadcast Journalism and Communications programs in the country.  I take pride knowing several students work in the industry or work independently (created their own business).  And, I can’t ignore the fact that they took their first step here in Video Production at Palos Verdes High School.

Live From 205 focuses on the analysis and practice of news-gathering, production and presentation from a variety of theoretical, philosophical, and historical perspectives. Students will gain a richer understanding of the ideals, limitations, rituals, and routines of the News, all while gaining practical experience as television journalists.  Students will become effective storytellers by learning how to write, edit, produce and create news for the Palos Verdes High School community. There is an application process in the Spring to join 205.

I want to thank you for your interest in what I believe to be one of the best programs on campus. I am confident the skills they learn in class will easily be used in all areas of life.

-Mr. Vela