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Marta Wood » One-Pager Marine Bio and Earth Science

One-Pager Marine Bio and Earth Science

Coral Reefs One-Pager

Create a one-page informational diagram and text display about Coral Reefs

  • 5 Sections to include:                         Must include at least 2 drawings -half page
  • 1. Anatomy of coral                            Must fill the whole page
  • 2. How reefs are built                         Borders are optional but will receive extra points
  • 3. Optimal conditions for Corals        Possible solutions??
  • 4. Bleaching and causes (3)
  • 5. Human Impact (The state of Coral Reefs today)      

Complete a One-pager using four boxes, your choice of shape, size, color etc.  BE CREATIVE!!

Each box should cover one of the following topics, a border may be added with any additional information you would like to add for extra credit.  Also, there must be at least one drawing.

  1. Causes of Earthquakes                                             2. Where and Why they happen

3.   Results and Effects                                                   4.  Predicting an Earthquake, short and long range.