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Jennifer Warren » How to be an Explorer of the World- inspired by Kari Smith

How to be an Explorer of the World- inspired by Kari Smith

The big idea behind this assignment is to stimulate curiosity in the world around us. Artists document, collect, observe, and record the world around them. Our goal is to think like an artist.
Review the document above and choose 3 different activities to complete. The activities may be altered and changed as you see fit but it should take approximately 1 hour to complete each activity. Photograph the process of each activity (2-3 Photographs Minimum)
Presenting your information:
Create a document, visual chart, or presentation of your dates. You may choose google docs, google slides,
Include in your presentation: 
2 photos documenting your 3 explorations (6 photos total)
1-2 paragraph explanation for each of your activities.
 When writing your paragraphs, consider the following questions: 
- Why did I choose it? 
- How did it go?
- Did you like it?
- Why did you like it or not?
- Would you do it again?
-What surprised you?
-Would you change anything if you could? What would it be? Why?
-How might you expand on this exploration and activity?
Turning it in:
-Download your document as a PDF.
-Upload to the google drive class folder titled Explorer of the World.
-Rename and label the file: Last name_Explorer of the world_class period
Read and comment on at least two peer artist dates. Provide specific feedback and helpful resources. Use comments and action items. in google drive.
Content: All content for the assignment is fully developed according to the assignment requirements.
Synthesis: Original thoughts and reflections are a product of connecting the resources to personal experiences and ideas.  
Message: Language style, including diction and tone, is effective. The message is detailed and organized, and written evidence supports visual evidence.
Quality: Writing is proofread and contains no spelling or grammatical errors. Text and imagery work well together and are overall aesthetically pleasing to look at.
Participation: Two developed peer responses posted to two classmates’ assignments. Developed peer responses include specific feedback, details or references to outside resources.