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PVHSCCC - Info & Updates!

Hello Sea Kings - Class of 2020!


First off, I hope you and your loved ones are well and stay well, so please, please stay home and hunker down! Thanks. 


So, life happens... plans change for reasons far beyond your control.  You cannot control college decisions, just as you cannot control global pandemics… but you can control how you react to them!  Just breathe.... take it one step at a time and know that you are not alone, and we are here for you.  Colleges are impacted, as high schools and businesses are impacted, just as all of us as individuals are impacted by the coronavirus; we are all in this together and colleges are definitely going to be sensitive and flexible during this time of unparalleled disruption and uncertainty. If you are waitlisted and choose to remain on the waitlist, you must follow the specific directions that each college provides. Contact the CCC or your counselor w/questions.


Since there’s an almost overwhelming amount of info to share with you, last week I started  CCC Updates on our website to  bring you the latest and best links to that information… please check it often as I’ll continue updating on a daily basis.  Also please know that I'm available via email at:  to answer any questions or address your concerns.  I'm also available and you can book an appointment to connect via phone chat or video conference should you like to discuss your college decisions, options, next steps, etc.

If you have any questions regarding your financial aid package or scholarships, you can email Mrs. Hoffman directly at:

OK, here we go!
As a service to students and families, the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) has created a new resource cataloging campus-specific changes in college admission events, deposit dates, and more as a result of the coronavirus outbreak: 
Please check out and register for the Collegewise Webinars for the week of March 30 - April 3rd, 2020!
This is an excellent source of information for both the JUNIOR & SENIOR Classes... especially when you might have some time now over Spring Break! :)

All scholarship information/applications can be accessed/downloaded from NAVIANCE via your SSO Portal. Log in to your SSO (Single Sign On) portal using your email address.                                  

Several scholarship organizations have extended their deadlines. Originally, many scholarships were to be returned to the College and Career Center and, because, that is no longer possible, other arrangements have been made and are detailed below.

If letters of recommendation and/or transcripts are required as part of your scholarship application, these documents can be sent separately to the respective email/addresses noted.  Please be sure that your teacher/counselor has the your name clearly attached to each document and if emailing, it is in the subject line along with the name of the scholarship.  When you submit your applications, please let the organization know if other documents may be coming separately.


The scholarships shown below are listed in alphabetical order:


Andrew Sakura Memorial Scholarship - Deadline has been EXTENDED to Friday, April 17.  Please email your completed applications in a pdf format directly to Mrs. Sakura at


Chuck Chamber and Russ Urban Scholarship – Deadline has been EXTENDED to Monday, April 20.  Completed applications must now be scanned and emailed to:  JJBELKE@GMAIL.COM or mailed (postmarked no later than April 20, 2020) to:

Jodi Belke

c/o Cornerstone Elementary School Scholarship

68 Eastfield Drive

Rolling Hills, CA  90274


Cornerstone Scholarship – Deadline has been EXTENDED to Monday, April 20.  Completed applications must now be scanned and emailed to:  JJBELKE@GMAIL.COM or mailed (postmarked no later than April 20, 2020) to:

Jodi Belke

c/o Cornerstone Elementary School Scholarship

68 Eastfield Drive

Rolling Hills, CA  90274


Harry Brandel Scholarship – Deadline has been EXTENDED to Friday, May 1.  All applications will STILL be emailed/mailed to the address noted in the application.


Harbor Lights Escrow Scholarships – Deadline is STILL Friday, April 10.                                                    All applications will still be submitted to the address noted in the application.


JACL South Bay Chapter Scholarships  Deadline has been EXTENDED to Wednesday, April 15.           All applications must still be mailed to the address noted in the application.


PV Chapter of the Links  Deadline has been EXTENDED to Wednesday, April 15.  Applications will still be submitted to the address noted in the application.


PVHS Alumni Scholarship - Deadline has been EXTENDED to Friday, April 17. Applications will now be submitted directly to Mr. Heffernan at


PVP Council of PTAs Scholarship  Deadline is STILL Monday, April 6.  Applications will now be submitted directly to Suzanne Dyers, PVPTA Scholarship Chair.  Her email address is


PVP Republican Women, Federated Scholarship  Deadline is STILL Tuesday, April 7.  Applications will still be submitted to the address noted in the application.


Sean Heffernan Memorial Scholarship - Deadline has been EXTENDED to Thursday, April 9.  You may take a photo/scan your artwork and include it with your application. All applications now need to be submitted to Mrs. Heffernan at 


Silver Spur Elementary School PTA Scholarship  Deadline has been EXTENDED to Wed., April 8th.   Email your completed applications directly to Ms. Wertz, Silver Spur Scholarship Chair, with subject line Silver Spur Scholarship.  Her email address is


Sue Pavelka Scholarship for Journalistic Excellence - Deadline is STILL Friday, April 10.  Scholarship application/supporting documents need to be emailed to Mrs. Hoffman at


West Bay Capital Scholarship  Deadline is STILL Thursday, April 9 and will be returned the the address noted in the application.

I'm waiting to learn if the deadline will be extended, but at the moment the deadline for priority registration and the Santa Monica College Promise is still March 27th.  Follow the instructions to enroll and complete all other steps before the 27th: Santa Monica College Promise

Please note that you must first Apply to Santa Monica College in order to receive an SMC ID# that you will need to complete the additional steps to be eligible for the College Promise. 

Santa Monica College wants to keep you informed about how Santa Monica College Outreach & Recruitment is moving forward in the current climate of COVID 19. While they are unsure of the timeline for return of face-to-face services, please know that they will continue serving students remotely to the best of their ability. Resources are being developed to address student needs including:

  • Step-by-step guidance on matriculation steps
  • New student website updated with “How-to” videos
  • Upcoming webinars Q&A
  • Pdf resources that would normally be provided in person
  • Zoom/phone appointments

To summarize, Santa Monica College is still working on this and I'll continue to be in contact with them to inform you in the coming days and weeks as the resources become available.

El Camino College has moved to virtual instruction and only essential campus functions are being offered at this time. As of right now, the college has not made a decision about extending the April 30 priority deadline, so as an alternative to the now cancelled workshops at either our campus or that of El Camino, I am sharing a few virtual opportunities for students to complete the Path the Enroll in order to be eligible for the South Bay PromiseThe South Bay Promise offers an affordable pathway directly from high school to college. Enrollment fees for the first and second year will be paid for full-time students and additional services and counseling will be offered to students enrolled in the South Bay Promise. (To maintain eligibility for the second year, students must have completed the seconds year's eligibility requirements). The South Bay Promise is available to all first-time, full-time college students who complete the steps as outlined and attend El Camino College the fall after their senior year. 

Note: you must have completed the El Camino College Application for Admission before completing the South Bay Promise application so that you can include your El Camino College Student ID number. 

Thanks to our Outreach Coordinator, Veronica Palofax, here are some virtual opportunities to complete your Orientation, Assessment and Educational Plan:

  • New Student Orientation
    • Will be offered daily at 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM. Students will receive an invitation in personal and El Camino College email. In addition, we will answer any questions that students have about completing the assessment survey, South Bay Promise application, and any other support program applications.  After students attend an orientation session, we will call them to schedule a virtual appointment with an outreach counselor.


  • Educational Planning
    • Students will have the opportunity to meet with a counselor after completing the new student orientation. It is possible the meeting may be virtual or via telephone. Veronica Palofax has offered Palos Verdes High School students the opportunity to contact here directly to set up your education plan.  You may phone Ms. Palofax between 8am-4pm at: 310-650-9579 and identify yourself as a PVHS student.  You must have completed the previous steps before contacting her for the educational plan.
  • Open Forums
    • We will offer open forum for students to ask us any questions they may have.
    • These sessions will be offered daily from 2:30 -3:30 PM.
    • The open forums can be accessed via this link:
  • Prospective Student Session
    • For students that have not applied to El Camino College and have general questions about the college will be hosting on Thursdays at 4:00 PM.

All of these link and the most up to date information will be posted on the El Camino Outreach Events website here:

Collegewise held it's first in a series of webinars regarding college admissions in the Age of COVID-19... it was perhaps 45 minutes of the most insightful and rational information one could receive at this moment.  I highly encourage my students/parents to follow Collegewise on twitter and sign up for the next few weeks of webinars as they most likely will not be available for more than 2 days after each presentation. Here are notes compiled by me and our counselor, Megan Lichter… Thank you, Ms Lichter!
  • Many schools have already indicated they will understand the transcript challenges that will be occurring as a result students will continue to be evaluated in the context of their own school/environment/situation- "context" of the school a student is attending will be even more important as a result of this.
  • Indicate in school profile how schooling was handled/ how our specific school has been affected due to COVID-19 (ie. were letter grades still issued vs pass/fail, what did students have access to, etc.)
    Unclear how some of this (especially the testing component) will impact admissions for next year's seniors (current juniors) , but colleges have shown historically that they will adjust. Things will be changing rapidly in coming months, so keep looking for updates!
  • March, April May SAT and ACT cancelled. June testing not cancelled yet, but could be. TBD
  • Most colleges have announced they will be changing decision deadline to June. Some have even indicated July. Check the NACAC website for up to date information regarding specific college deadlines to deposit.
  • Colleges will be looking to see character shine through!  How have you shaped/contributed to the community during this? Service to the community is going to be more crucial than ever!
  • How can students continue to show demonstrated interest when they can't visit in person? Students should engage online... many colleges will now be hosting virtual tours for students to sign up & register through mailing lists.
  • Clear articulation in supplemental essays about why they want to attend "x" university!
  • Applying Early Decision if/when appropriate... this is a much deeper topic to discuss at a later date!
  • For Juniors when applying next year- make note on apps for activities that are "in progress"
  • Students do not have to mention on college applications that spring/summer activities were cut short due to this. It is assumed. Rather, focus on experiences that were completed and what they learned about themselves and others.
  • Probably not a great idea to have a personal statement be about COVID-19 as we were all affected, unless there's some nuance/ focus that they can take. Admissions officers will be reading many essays regarding this topic
  • If SAT/ACT test date was cancelled, students should still continue with prep... fabulous FREE prep via Khan Academy on the CollegeBoard website and FREE ACT prep on the ACT website.
  • Question that was posed- If a student signed up for the SAT I and it was cancelled, and is registered for SAT Subject tests, should they continue and take the subject tests, and take the SAT I on some future date when they are able? Answer: SAT/ ACT should take priority over subject tests as many don't require it, and some are moving away from it. Reschedule SAT Subject Tests... MIT just removed SAT Subject Tests as a requirement... very, very few colleges now require SAT Subject Tests!
  • Students with cancelled activities/summer programs now should use this time to develop new hobby, be creative, be involved in community, take online classes, learn new skill etc. Show ways that you can expand intellectual curiosity outside of structured group experiences!!!
  • Look on Collegeboard under college search function for schools taking late applications for Fall 2020 admission,
  • Keep looking at more schools will likely be moving this way to becoming test optional.
  • Current seniors should contact schools they've been admitted to if there has been a change in family's financial situation as a result of this since filing FAFSA!!
  • Question re: military academies and late testing- they will be coming out with guidelines and guidance soon. But, can reach out to specific academy directly and/or sign up for emails to get official notices.
  • Colleges will likely be waitlisting many more students in this cycle as they will want a bigger safety net as the climate is so uncertain for them as well. If you are waitlisted, speak with your counselor or the PVHSCCC for guidance regarding how best to handle that situation.
The most important take away for me was how this can really be a time of opportunity!!!  Students now have more of that precious TIME that they normally would not have... they should USE IT to GROW THEIR OWN CURIOSITY!  Rise to the occasion, Sea Kings!  Whether you step up to help out with younger siblings to be a great big brother or sister, learn something new online like physics or knitting... it really doesn't matter WHAT you choose to dive into, but important to immerse yourself with the opportunities!
There is an exceptional amount of uncertainty in the world today, but one thing we can be certain of, is that we will pull through this, and that this time can be one that spurs incredible creativity and solutions for this troubled world of ours.  
I want to share a wonderful initiative that is launching by a few students from Stanford and Harvard in response to the countless school closures and nearly a billion of students who suddenly find themselves out of school. Their mission is to:
- Sustain global learning. No matter the circumstances.
- Encourage students to take a stake in global challenges.
- Offer hope in challenging times.
Through the Crown Education Challenge, they are encouraging students K-12 to complete an Art Submission, STEM research report, or Written response addressing ‘hope during a pandemic’ and how we can either prevent or respond to similar situations in the future.  
Prizes include published pieces in the Harvard Technology Review  and mentorship opportunities for the older age bracket (14-18yrs).  This is an extraordinary opportunity to demonstrate creativity, creative problem solving, optimism and hope for the future!  :)
Good information to start considering regarding how student aid might be affected... good Q & A's!  This site is updated every few days so keep checking back.
Class of 2020 - This is a really thoughtful and insightful piece that I want to share with you... if you'd like to discuss your college options, waitlists or have any questions where I might be of assistance, please book an appointment to speak with me on my signup genius link on the website, or shoot me an email and let me know a good time to call.  Here is the essay:
This Advanced  Award Letter Comparison Tool helps you compare and contrast the financial aid packages from the colleges that have admitted you. In particular, it highlights differences in the cost of attending each school. It also provides an at-a-glance comparison of other characteristics that may affect the student's choice of coll

The Simple Award Letter Comparison Tool is similar, but compares only the financial aspects of the financial aid packages.   If you are comparing only two colleges, leave the third college name blank. 

LanguageBird will provide a place for all students to learn and have opened up several resources to ALL students, anywhere, for free here: