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School Info » Return to School Information: Distance Learning, Hybrid, and More

Return to School Information: Distance Learning, Hybrid, and More

Bell Schedule starting Week of April 19th
PVHS Return to School Frequently Asked Questions
1. How do I switch from DLA to Hybrid to Hybrid to DLA? 
2. What is the deadline to switch programs?
The deadline has been extended to March 28th, 2021 at 6:00pm
3. Can I split my classes between DLA and Hybrid? 
No, all classes need to be either hybrid or DLA
4. What group will my student be in? 
All hybrid students will be split into two groups by student last name. Families will be notified which group they are in once we return from spring break.
5. When will my student receive in-person instruction?
Students in group 1 will receive in-person instruction on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Students in group 2 will receive in-person instruction on Thursdays and Fridays.  
6. What happens on the days that my student is not on campus? 
Teachers will be simultaneously streaming their classes so all students not attending in person should log onto their classes at the same time as their normal schedule.  
7. Can a student play a sport if they are DLA? 
Yes, students who are DLA can still participate in all school activities including sports, school events, movie nights, Prom, etc.  
8. If a teacher is DLA, can the student stay home for that class? 
Students should be on campus independent of whether their teacher is DLA or in person.  Students will still have access to the teacher from their assigned classroom.  A substitute teacher will be assigned to the classroom and help facilitate instruction, but the teacher of record will be teaching the class.
9. What is the hybrid schedule? 
Our schedule will follow our same bell schedule as we are using now.  See the image below for details or click here to see all of the bell schedules.  Hybrid students will switch classes each period.
10.  Are my grades or teachers impacted if I switch programs? 
Depending on the availability and space in classes, some teacher changes may be needed.  Talk to your counselor for more information.  
11. What do I do if I am absent or if I am hybrid and choose to stay home and attend class remotely one day? 
Parents or guardians still need to call the attendance office to report any student absences.  Sick students are encouraged to stay home and attend classes virtually.
12. Can my student leave campus during lunch?
Students with a 3rd or 6th period class after lunch must remain on campus and are not allowed to leave nor eat lunch in their cars.  
13. What protocols are required when on campus? 
Students must wear a face covering at all times unless eating or drinking.  Students must follow social distancing protocols by staying 6 feet apart.  Students must show their "Green" all clear screen to their first or fourth period teacher on campus each morning.  Students will have assigned seats in each classroom and are encouraged to use hand washing stations throughout the campus or hand sanitizer that is available in each classroom and office.  
14. What should students bring with them to campus? 
A laptop or Chromebook, paper, pencil, any textbook or class supplies, extra masks, snacks, water
15. What happens on Wednesday?
Wednesday will remain a virtual day for all students and teachers
16. Can I drop off my student on campus? 
Yes, see the map below for student entrances to campus
17. Will there be tours for freshmen who have not been on campus yet? 
Yes! Stay on the lookout for more information coming soon, but tours are scheduled for April 7th for all students in the Class of 2024 and new transfer students.  
18. Are there any parent information sessions? 
Yes!  Click here to register for the parent webinar on March 25th at 5pm
19. Who do I contact if I still have a question? 
Reach out to your student's counselor who can help answer any questions you still have
20. What happens if my student feels sick? 
If your student feels sick or begins to develop symptoms please keep your student home until they better or do not have symptoms.  
21. Do I need a parking permit while on campus? 
Yes!  Please click here to download and print out the required form.  Completed forms can be brought to Dr. Hafer's office with a $10 donation and students will be issued a parking permit.
22. Will PV Transit be available? 
According to PV Transit they will not be available during the zero period route, but Orange, Blue, Silver, and White routes will be running.  Their updated schedule will be online before the 12th.  If you have specific questions please call Michael Douglas at 310-345-5486 
23. What happens during lunch? 
Students with a 3rd or 6th period are required to stay on campus during lunch for safety reasons.  Students can eat with friends while maintaining a minimum of 6 feet social distancing.  Students can pick up a free hot lunch from the cafeteria when they are on campus or get a free lunch from the drive thru pick up for days when they are not on campus. 
24. Can students charge devices on campus? 
Yes, each class will have an additional power strip but we highly encourage all students to come to school with their devices fully charged.  
25. What happens if my student has a gap in their schedule?
Students with a gap in their schedule should go to the library, lunch benches, or Sea King park to study and complete work until their next class.  
26. Can students use lockers? 
No.  Students do not have access to lockers for textbooks nor for PE.  
For the AB Schedule, click here.  
For information regarding the updated Attendance Policy for the 2020-2021 school year, click here.  
Click here for information about reaching the PVPUSD help desk
Click here for a variety of parent resources including the parent portal, Aeries, online programs, mental health, and more

Student access to their office 365 account including PVPUSD emails:  

  • Login using their 
  • Their initial login password is their 6 digit birthday (mmddyy) 
  • Click on Outlook to retrieve all emails 


Student access to the PVPUSD Single-Sign On Portal, including PVPUSD emails: 

Click here for print and video help in setting up an AERIES account. This is an opportunity for any parents that need assistance creating their parent web portal account.

If parents have any questions or need assistance, please email:

Also, school offices may receive requests to update a spelling error or telephone #. Parents can only edit emergency contacts, health file updates, and authorizations so that is the reason they may be contacting school offices for a correction.

Click here for information on how to submit an assignment in Google Classroom
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