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Sea King Wellness Program

The Palos Verdes High School counselors, faculty, and staff understand the importance of supporting our students’ social and emotional needs. It is essential for students to be healthy and balanced in all aspects of their lives in order to reach their full potential. PVHS has created school-wide programming to educate our students on meaningful ways to implement wellness in their daily lives. We believe wellness is an active process of helping our students become aware of and make choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life. In addition to a comprehensive wellness program, PVHS has Student Support Specialists (SAGE Therapists) at school to meet with students individually and in small groups as well as provide classroom presentations focusing on wellness and mental health. PVHS also has a Student Wellness Center available for students to recharge. We are continually working to expand the programs based on student needs. It is our goal to educate our community on a variety of topics that impact teens, provide resources to assist in creating a more balanced lifestyle, and develop healthy coping skills. As a school community, we believe this is a critical component to helping our students develop on their path through high school and beyond. 
SAGE Therapists
Megan Babcock, AMFT – Student Support Specialist
Jodie Shurtleff, LMFT – Student Support Specialist
SAGE Services
Individual Counseling
Group Counseling
Mental Health Awareness and Education
Collaboration with Counseling Department
Stress and Anxiety Management
Suicide Prevention Lessons
Crisis Intervention
Resource Connection
Sea King Wellness Program logo - Be Balanced - Love Life
Wellness Program Objective
The goal of the Wellness Program is to support students in leading healthy and balanced lives. This comprehensive program is designed to address the social-emotional health of all students. Through education, outreach, and activities, this program is designed to educate students on making healthy choices, developing effective coping skills and implementing interventions when necessary.
Ongoing Wellness Activities and Events
Twice weekly Yoga in the SeaKing Calm classroom (518) for all students and staff
Yoga Class for PE credit
Substance Abuse Counseling (OUTLOOK)

Community Resources
Southbay Families Connected

PVPUSD is pleased to be a South Bay Families Connected Partner School
Please visit our unique youth wellness web page, PVPUSD Families Connected
PVPUSD is pleased to be a South Bay Families Connected Partner School
Please visit our unique youth wellness web page, PVPUSD Families Connected
Also, please check out the following links on SBFC:
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