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CEEB Code: 052358 PVPUSD

Principal's Advisory Council (PAC)

Advisor/Principal: Dr. Charles Park

PAC Description: 

The Principal’s Advisory Council (PAC) is a peer-mentoring group of humble student leaders, who serve under Principal Dr. Charles Park, as ambassadors of Palos Verdes High School. PAC is an elective class with both an academic and a citizenship grade and a Peer Mentoring Course on the transcript. Applications for the Principal’s Advisory Council can be submitted to Dr. Park, and the interviews are held at the end of each school year.
Applications for freshmen who want to join the Principal’s Advisory Council will be available in September 2017.

Principal’s Advisory Council | 2017-18
Last Name, First Name
Trell Audrey
Bornheimer Alexis
Rener Emmy
Wescott Connor
Hill Thomas
Mendez de Magliane Alana
Pluimer Lucy
Tom Stephanie
Lok Anton
Roberts Charles
Weiss Wolfgang
Reid frankie
McCarthy Brynn
Kalejaiye Ebun
Razepoor Matin
Min Tiffany
Dominguez Jacob
Heise Keaton
Usui Matthew
Levin Emily
McVicar Skylar
Karlitz Lane
Cho Seren
LaPine Joshua
Shitabata Malia
Wang Isabelle
Roberts Whitney
Pailet Rhiannon
Chen Hailey
Bahny Jessica
Trujillo Amanda
Wang Jonathan
Crump Kevin
Smith Sidney
Beecher Caroline
Onyeador Onyinyechi
Nash Austin
Davin Amy
Nash Brandon
Stafford Max
Gormley Megan
Davis Steven
Park Joshua
Saab Sereene
Pascal Ryan
Paddock Hannah
Burns Morgan


Public Relations and Media Committee
The committee oversees meeting and event schedules while acting as the major communication bridge between Dr. Park and his council members. The group is also in charge of media relations, managing the council website and Twitter account, @pvhs_pac. The group's main objective is to provide council members with consistent and organized information, while building a strong and positive image of PVHS in the public light.

Special Projects Committee
The Special Projects Committee was newly introduced to tackle unique and complex projects that will affect the future direction of PVHS. The Special Projects Committee’s main objective is to affect change that will benefit the campus, school, and student body.

Peer Mentoring Committee
The Peer Mentoring Committee collaborates with administration, teachers, and counselors regarding ways to lead school policies and programs. The Peer Mentoring Committee will also be launching a tutoring program which will make tutoring services available to all student everyday on campus. 

Outreach Committee
The goal of the Outreach Committee is to show intermediate schools and elementary schools how great Palos Verdes High School is and to give younger, prospective students an introduction to the Sea King Family. The Outreach Committee wants to share the amazing experiences here at PVHS with the younger generation and keep building the Sea King Family.