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Academics Info » Mission & Student Learning Outcomes

Mission & Student Learning Outcomes

PVHS places a very high emphasis on the academic success and emotional well-being of all students.  Various programs, for all levels of students, challenge each PVHS student to reach his or her maximum potential.  PVHS ensures students are well equipped with the academic skills that allow them to follow their own unique academic pursuits and extracurricular endeavors in high school and beyond.

Student Learning Outcomes

Become a Good Citizen

    • Understand and analyze current issues from many perspectives.
    • Use technology to communicate effectively and better our community.
    • Create and appreciate links between science and society.
    • Exercise acceptance, understand, and respect diverse cultures and individual differences.
    • Participate in community, social, civil or cultural service.


Become a Better Person

    • Develop teamwork and communication skills.
    • Communicate effectively through speaking and writing.
    • Maintain personal wellness.
    • Develop interpersonal relationships in diverse settings.
    • Work responsibly with others in a variety of group roles.


Prepare for Life After PVHS

    • Set SMART goals in all areas of life and actively work towards reaching those goals.
    • Be aware of all post-secondary options.
    • Apply what you've learned at PVHS to post-grad pursuits
    • Prepare for the transition from school to work/post secondary education.
    • Pursue intellectual, artistic, practical, or physical ambitions.