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Athletics Info » Athletic Clearance Process

Athletic Clearance Process

Athletic Director: Brian Shapiro
Athletics Office: 310-378-8471 Ext. 43205

Associate Principal: Keely Hafer Ext. 43252

Athletics Secretary: Geri Zientek
Phone: 310-378-8471 Ext. 43206

Athletic Trainer: Julie Bolduc


Greetings Sea Kings!
This is our second year of the-online clearance process for athletic and extracurricular programs. The packet will be completed online, but students will still need to turn in the hard copy of their physical, the confirmation page, and any physical checks (you can donate online as well, after 8/2/21) to the health office and student store.
We rely on our Participation Donation program to pay for our teams’ transportation, officials, tournament/meet entries, and additional equipment. It is a vital part of our athletic programs and without sufficient funding, we support all of our programs at their highest levels. All donations are tax deductible and our school taxpayer id is #95-6006594. Donations are not refundable.
Clearing for a sport does not mean that you have made the team. It does give you the ability to participate in any voluntary training sessions this school year.

PVHS Online Athletic Clearance Process 2021-2022


To be completed after the student has had a physical examination by a doctor or medical professional. Physical forms can be found above.
1. Visit and choose CA.
2. Click Register. All Parents need to register with a valid email username and password.
3. Login using your email address that you registered with
4. Select “Start Clearance Here” to start the process.
5. Choose the 2021-2022 School Year
6. Choose Palos Verdes (CIF-SS) as the school
7. Choose the Sport that your child intends to play or try-out for.
    a. Note: If your child is a multi-sport athlete, you will be able to include additional sports on the confirmation page later in the process
8. Complete all required fields for each step under Steps #1-5, Student Information, Medical History, Parent/Guardian Info, Signatures, and Forms.
    a. Note: For multiple children, this information will have to be filled out and completed multiple times
9. All parents will be asked to upload two (2) documents after step one including the signed physical and proof of insurance. To upload these documents follow these steps:
    a. Take individual pictures on your phone of the signed physical, front of the insurance card, back of the insurance card.
    b. Parents will need to merge the photos into one PDF file for the proof of insurance.
        i. Here are two great tools that will allow you to merge PDFs into one file and also JPG images.
            1. Merge Multiple PDFs -
            2. Merge Multiple JPGs -
    c. Email the pictures to yourself so that they are accessible on your computer
    d. Upload both files to the website
Note: Parents can also use the CamScanner App (free) to take the pictures and automatically merge the pictures into one PDF. Additionally, students will not be cleared if both documents are missing or done incorrectly.
10. If your student is interested in playing their sport in college, please click the “Yes” box at the bottom of step 3 under parent/guardian information for more information
11. Please print the Confirmation Page, the final page in the clearance process. This signed form and the signed physical need to be turned into the nurse’s office then the student store prior to final clearance.
12. If you would like to register for additional sports/activities you may check off those sports below the Confirmation Message. Please make sure to choose only one sport per season. Electronic signatures will be applied to the additional sports/activities.
13. Participation donations can be made in person at the Student Store using cash, check, cashier’s check or money order payable to: PVHS ASB or after 8/2/21 you can make your donation online through the PVHS Webstore with a credit card. Go to: Students can complete this step after making the team.
14. Once a student has completed all electronic information and presented the hard copy of the physical and confirmation page to the Nurse’s office and Student Store, the student will be cleared and you will receive a confirmation email.
    a. Note: Clearance confirmation does not guarantee that a student will make any given sport/team.

Online Athletic Clearance FAQ


What is my Username?
Your username is the email address that you registered with.
Multiple Sports
Once you complete a clearance for one sport and arrive at the Confirmation Message, you will have the option to check off additional sports/activities for the current school year. PLEASE ONLY CHECK OFF SPORTS YOU KNOW YOU WILL PLAY. Don’t just check ones because you are interested in those.
If you decide to participate in an additional sport/activity later on, you can access the multiple sport check boxes by clicking on “Print” under the Confirmation Message of your original Clearance for that specific year.

The physical form can be found above and printed. It must be signed by a doctor or medical professional.
Document Library
This area is meant to store your files so they can be accessed later in the year or perhaps years following. You can either upload your files to the Document Library then apply them to your Clearance on the Physical page OR you can choose/browse for the file on the Physical page and the file will save to the Document Library for future use.
Why haven’t I been cleared?
Your school will review the information you have submitted and Clear or Deny your student for participation. You will receive an email when the student is cleared.