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College Career Center » College Checklist: Junior

College Checklist: Junior

Room: 318

Mrs. Joanne Lewis
Director, College & Career Center
Phone: 310-378-8471 Ext. 43618

Mrs. Teresa Hoffman
Scholarship & Financial Aid Coordinator
Phone: 310-378-8471 Ext. 43347


Make sure you meet “a-g” course eligibility requirements for UC/CSU.
Discuss any course changes with your Counselor.


Visit the College & Career Center to check resources and attend the RACC Mini College Fair.
Continue with community service during school year.
Register with NCAA Clearinghouse by end of junior year if you want to play competitive sports in college (Division I or II). Discuss with your coach(es) and parents.
Prepare for the PSAT/NMSQT by looking at and working through the practice booklet that is distributed in English classes within the first week of school. You can also find additional resources for the PSAT, including an online practice test, on the College Board website.
Check your Family Connection/Naviance to see the list of college admission representatives on calendar to visit PVHS and sign up for any colleges of interest! Check this calendar regularly through November as the list will grow as information sessions are scheduled.


Take the PSAT on College day. Taking the test as a junior might qualify you for some scholarship consideration and identify you to colleges as a potential applicant.
Save examples of your academic work/writing/artistic projects.
Start planning your college visits. Junior year is a great time to start thinking about the type of college and learning environment you would do best in. Visiting local colleges give you a wonderful opportunity to get a feeling about the type of college you’d like to attend: large or small, urban or rural setting, UC or CSU, liberal arts or research university, etc.).


Research colleges online using your Family Connection/Naviance. Look at College websites and sign up as a prospective student so you are on their mailing list.
Start keeping a list of colleges, careers and college majors that might interest you.
Visit local college(s) over Thanksgiving Break.
Attend Financial Aid Night with your parents as you begin to research your options for financial aid, grants, scholarships and loans for College.


Visit the College & Career Center, select 2-3 schools you know very little (or nothing) about to research.
Use the Internet for virtual school tours while you have some free time over the Holidays.
Develop art portfolios, music/drama audition ideas; keep good writing samples from your class work.
Attend the PSAT Score Give-Back Night/College Admission Testing Night for more information about PSAT scores, SAT, ACT and Subject Tests in preparation for College admission requirements.
Plan your College admission testing calendar and consider registering for the March SAT and/or April ACT. Check out PVHS test preparation resources. The FREE test preparation available on NAVIANCE is called Prep Me and can be found on the home page of your Family Connection.
Participate in one of the Alumni Day panel discussions held in December and January when former PVHS students, now attending College, return to talk to current PVHS students.


Continue to work hard, keep grades up and end the semester on a strong note.
Review your PSAT score with teachers and counselor… Plan a strategy for getting the SAT and/or ACT scores you want by using Prep Me, study books, preparation courses, private tutors… whatever works best and is appropriate for you.
Continue community service.
Register for the spring offering of the SAT and/or ACT. Check with your counselor if you should take an SAT subject test this spring.
Visit Road Trip Nation on your Family Connection/Naviance to continue with career exploration.


Continue your College search as you start to narrow your College interest list. Investigate the Family Connection/ NAVIANCE College Search features and resources available in the College & Career Center, Room 318. Make list of the top 10-15 colleges you’re interested in and investigate them.
Plan college campus visits for Spring Break.
Get College Sports information sheet from coaches if applicable.
Explore careers/majors in more depth: visit the CCC for some excellent reference books and materials.


Meet with your counselor during Junior Conferences and discuss your senior year courses and College prerequisites. Register for your courses on Family Connection/Naviance.
Visit colleges, especially those in California… demonstrate your interest – get out there to visit. Spring Break, whatever week that might be, is the perfect time to visit a variety of schools. Try to visit a small liberal arts school and a large research university in an urban setting; then visit those same types of schools in a rural setting or on a different coast… you might be surprised that schools you thought you’d never even consider end up on your list and some that were on top of your list might even drop off!
Research and sign up for summer internships, workshops or adventures! Stop in to the CCC to ask about summer opportunities on college campuses. This can be a great way to find out what college life is all about, and let colleges know that you have an idea of what to expect once you get there.
Take the SAT or sign up to take the ACT or SAT in the coming months (April, May & June)… check when each test is scheduled and make certain to register before the deadline.
Check transcript for errors, talk to your Counselor to get any corrections made.
Keep your grades up!
Parents attend the Parent College Night.
Juniors attend Jumpstart for Juniors and take advantage of some great workshops and info sessions regarding the UC Application, the CSU application, community colleges and transfer options, as well as finding the right college “fit”.
Sign up for and take AP exams in May.


Begin taking a more serious look at colleges and universities. Make a file for each college you’ve visited and start sorting through the different programs they offer, financial aid or merit scholarships available, the campus culture, etc.
Narrow down your 15-20 schools to 8-10; focus on researching and investigating them thoroughly.
Ask teachers for recommendation according to your best subjects.
Take SAT or ACT, if you have not already done so… take any appropriate SAT Subject Test that might be required by some colleges… or register to take the test(s) in June.
Review test results, decide about re-testing and whether to take preparation course or utilize Prep Me.
Continue developing art/music/drama portfolio… look into the difference between a BFA or a BA / conservatory program or not?
Talk to Coach to obtain video of sports highlights if appropriate.

Take AP Exams.

Continue to research and collect information on your top colleges, majors and career choices. Take a look at the college applications for your top schools and consider all the different pieces of information you’ll need to compile, along with supplemental essays you’ll need to write (if applicable), etc.
Volunteer or get work experience.
Brainstorm ideas for drafting and begin writing your College Essay/ Personal Statement; attend College Essay Night.
Discuss college finances with your parents.
Contact and speak with PV High alumni who attended your target colleges.
Draft your ‘Activity Sheet’ or resume which will assist with college applications
Register with the NCAA if you plan to play sports in College to establish your eligibility and send in your transcript. Get more info in the NCAA Guide for the College Bound Student Athlete.
Organize your applications deadlines. Carefully organize a timeline if you are planning to apply Early Decision or Early Action. Keep narrowing down your list to a realistic number of schools to which you’ll actually apply: 3 each of Reach / Target / Safety schools is considered more than reasonable. Check out the scattergrams on Family Connection to see how you compare with other PVHS students who applied to some of the schools you’re interested in.
Spend the summer doing what you enjoy. Talk to your College friends home for the summer. Take summer classes, if interested, or do something genuine and “purposeful” over the summer… but be certain it is something YOU really enjoy and want to do – not something you think might look good to a college!