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Junior Counseling Services Overview
Junior year has the reputation of being one of the most challenging years you will experience in high school. Along with a more rigorous course load, many students dedicate much time to preparing for and taking the SAT and/or ACT. More discussion on the current state of standardized testing in the eyes of college admissions to come. Counselors prioritize the importance of a balanced and manageable schedule. Your counselor is available to help you throughout this year (and all other years). This year, you'll begin thinking about the college application process and develop your career interests, or other postsecondary plans you may have.
Junior Jumpstart 2024
Register for the Junior programming on our Calendly! You can find the Calendly link here!
Powerpoint presentations and recordings are available below the flier.
Junior Guidance Lesson
Junior students received their classroom guidance lessons on May 13, 14, 20 and 21 in English class. The focus is on Finding Your Path. Topics covered include exploring individual values and goals and then using that to begin exploring the right post-secondary path for you. Students were given an overview of two-year, four-year, and other paths including gap-year, vocational, and military options. Students were given their Junior Handbook at this lesson, and a PDF copy can be found below.
For students pursuing four-year college after high school, there is much to begin doing now and during the summer before senior year. This includes getting organized, researching schools, working on updating your resume, essays,  applications, and the Counselor Letter of Recommendation Questionnaire, which can be found on the Senior tab. 
Please review the Junior Guidance Lesson which has all the above information here.
Junior Handbook
The Junior Handbook is a great tool to have on hand as you prepare to build your college list and navigate the college application process. Many chapters in this handbook review finding your path, starting the college search process, college visits, applying to college, financial aid, and more. 
Junior Individual Conference
All juniors meet with their counselor in February to review their four-year plan, A-G requirements, and schedule for 12th grade. Counselors will make sure you are on track to meet graduation requirements. 
Junior year students have the opportunity to take the PSAT which counts as the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (NMSQT). This test is used by the National Merit Scholarship (NMS) Corporation to qualify students for scholarships. If a student is a semi-finalist, they will have to complete an additional application in the fall of their senior year.