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Mrs. Joanne Lewis
Director, College & Career Center 

310-378-8471 Ext. 43618
[email protected]


Mrs. Teresa Hoffman
Scholarship & Financial Aid Coordinator 

310-378-8471 Ext. 43347                                                                

SchooLinks is a modern, college and career readiness platform to prepare students for what comes after graduation.  For high school students, SchooLinks helps them to investigate their interests and strengths, and to explore colleges and careers that match those interests and strengths.  SchooLinks in the PVPUSD is accessible in our intermediate schools and used extensively by students and parents/guardians at Palos Verdes High School.  
All of the SchooLinks features are designed with students in mind to help them become career, college, and life ready.  SchooLinks features are incredibly user-friendly and content can be easily accessed.
Using SchooLinks, high school students and parents/guardians can:
  • Access career interest, strength and mindset surveys
  • Explore 2-year and 4-year colleges
  • Build their High School and Beyond Plans
  • Take virtual reality college campus tours
  • Explore traditional, fast-growing, and military career fields
  • Start creating digital portfolios/resumes
  • Communicate with counselors and the College Career Center
  • Research colleges and build college lists
  • Create digital portfolios/resumes
  • Learn about financial aid
  • Search for scholarships
Student Login:
Students will login to SchooLinks via their SSO (Single Sign On) Portal and then select the
SchooLinks icon:

1) Log onto Student Portal via > Students & Parents > Student Portal 

2) Use your student email address and password to log in

3) Click on the SchooLinks tile to take you to the site

4) If you are not sure of your password, try your 6 digit birthdate MMDDYY




                          1) From your Dashboard click on the Gear Icon, from drop down menu choose Account Settings

                          2) Click on Your Guardians under Account Settings

                          3) Click on View Guardian Instructions and Unique Claim Code

                          4) Copy the message and send it to your parent/guardian in an email or text



                        1) Once you receive the “Claim Code” from your student(s)

                        2) Visit 

                        3) Go through the claim process by entering your students unique, case-sensitive claim code

Follow the instructions that appear on the screen. You can claim more than one student on your account


Students can also learn about, research and apply for scholarships on SchooLinks... most are for seniors, but there are some open to students grades 9-12!

*A student’s personal profile and data are confidential and are only accessible to the student, parents, and counselors. College admission offices do not have access to the information in SchooLinks.





A complete list of College Admission Counselor visits can be found on SchooLinks where students can also register to attend these events. If a student would have to miss some time in class in order to attend a college visit, teacher permission is required. It is at the discretion of the teacher to allow a student to miss class time. Students are expected to make up any assignments missed during time visiting with a college rep. Students unable to attend college visits can always let Mrs. Lewis and/or Mrs. Hoffman know and ask for any materials distributed by the college to be collected for them!


ACCESS COLLEGE REP VISITS ON SCHOOLINKS... Register to attend college visits!

  1. Log on to your PVPUSD Student Portal
  2. Click on the 'SchooLinks' icon
  3. From the home page click on 'School Events' for a complete list of College Rep Visits
  4. Click on 'Upcoming' on a particular event you want to attend
  5. Click on 'Register' - the event will be added to your Reminders

Please don't forget to cancel your registration if you decide not to attend or your teacher does not give you permission to attend. Thank you for your courtesy in respecting the time of the college reps traveling out to PVHS to meet with you!


5 Tips to Help You Make a Rep’s Visit Work for You

Interacting with reps can help you build a productive college list suited to your needs. Make the most of the sessions by:

5) Doing your homework. Research the college so you can ask good questions and get a feel for the school. It’s all about finding the right college for you.


4) Presenting your best self. Be courteous. Be confident. Be attentive. Turn off your cellphone. Dress thoughtfully. Ask questions designed to inform, not impress. Send a brief thank-you note afterward. The written thank-you is a class move that can boost your visibility.


3) Showing up early. If you’ll be one of many students, getting there early and staying a few minutes after the presentation can make productive facetime with the rep more likely.


2) Taking notes and grabbing brochures. There will be a lot of information coming your way. Make the most of it.


1) Engaging on a personal level. Introduce yourself with a handshake. Get names (spelling matters) and contact information. If your school says the rep might be able to review transcripts, applications, or application essays, ask the rep for a quick evaluation.


Remember: The rep you impress might be part of the application review process at your dream school.


Questions Worth Asking During the Visit

Asking probing questions will inform and guide your choices. It also can help convince the rep you are a serious, thoughtful person worth enrolling. Here are some options:

  • What is your school’s reputation built on, and does that reputation reflect the school’s mission statement?
  • What academic programs is your college known for, and how difficult would it be to enroll in the ones that interest me?
  • What financial aid opportunities does your school provide, and what is the average amount of the aid package?
  • How would you describe the academic pressure and workload?
  • What is the ratio of instructors to students, and are the instructors readily available for interaction outside the classroom?
  • Can you list some campus life facts and amenities that make your school stand out?
  • What are the rules governing freshmen’s course selection, and are most courses readily available?
  • Can you name some of the important support services for students and graduates?
  • What is the application success rate?
  • Is there anything you can share about your school’s application process that can help me succeed if I apply?

A college rep advises students who are working on their applications