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Korean 3 Honors

Esther Kim
World Language

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Information about Korean program

If you have any questions regarding the Korean NEWL test (AP equivalent test), Korean online program, or Korean Honors Society, please contact Mrs. Kim directly before you plan to register. You will get the latest and most valid information. Thank you.

Mrs. Esther Kim:

KHS Information Packet_PVHSKorean

Korean Honors Society Information Packet is available. If you are interested, please fill it out and submit it to Mrs. Kim by Jan. 05. 2018. If you have taken Korean class for 3 semesters (most of Korean 2 and 3 students with grade A) are qualified to apply. Thank you.

2016-17 Kpop Lip Dub Video

Kpop Lip Dub Season is back! Check out one of our lib dub videos from 2016-17 here. More videos are on Kpop Lib Dub Videos Page on the right side.

Dr. Park's Educational Column

Note from Mrs. Kim

I’m greatly happy to add “Dr. Park’s Educational Column” section to my Korean class webpage. Our esteemed principal, Dr. Park is an outstanding educational columnist for the most popular and acknowledged major newspaper of Korea; The Korea Times.

Parents of the Korean community have greatly appreciated the wisdom and pertinent information imparted by Dr. Park through this column. I have linked his original columns in English and I'll link the columns in Korean directly from the Korea Times website. I hope more parents and students will continue to benefit from the sharing of this column! Thank you!


Mrs. Kim