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CEEB Code: 052358 PVPUSD

Spanish 3 Honors

Mrs. Gailene Lancey
World Language

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ALL SEMESTER WORK (make ups, cupones, anything...) DUE BY 6/1

This deadline is firm.
If you waited until the last minute to do make-up work, be prepared...if time runs out during nutrition & lunch, then time runs out. Handle this with maturity.
Please continue to follow the procedures for turning in work: work is reviewed with me and grades are updated in your presence. NO work is accepted dropped on my desk, in my mailbox or via email.
Thank you!

spa 3 final exam june review mc U2.2

Page 1 of 2 for hw.
Remember to indicate the topic AND choose the right answer, eliminating the worst answer choices first.
After completing the page, you should decide how much/what to review for the final for this and the next unit. I recommend starting to review now and review little by little, day by day.

Cornell Notes DUE 5/29 - NOT accepted late

Put them in your backpack as soon as you're done! NO late notes will be accepted.