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English 2

Jennifer Olson

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Principles of Newspeak HW: due 1/24

Your assignment is to summarize your vocabulary section of the Principles of Newspeak appendix (A, B, or C). The entire summary can be 1/2 page in complete sentences, or 1 full page of bullet points. 
This must be in MLA format, TYPED. Each student is responsible for turning in an individual paper. You are only responsible for summarizing your section. 

Grammar Quiz Links

-Ch. 3 (Phrases)

!!!Use along with your Ch.3 study guide to prepare for the grammar section of the final (20 questions)

-gerund phrase, infinitive phrase, adjective (prepositional) phrase, adverb (prepositional) phrase, participial phrase, appositive phrase

-you will be required to match the terms to the correct word in sentence format.

- Definitions will be provided for each term. You must know how to APPLY the terms.

-Do Chapter Review A p. 85 & C p. 86

Grammar Quizzes:

Project Rubric- LoF

Your group MUST print out the project rubric to turn in on the day of your presentation. This is located at the bottom the the rules/guidelines for the project. 
Each group only needs to submit one.

Please use this email if you have questions or concerns about the class for the remainder of the semester.

For Macbeth, please print the following from the Macbeth folder online:
  1. Macbeth Study Guides Act 1-5 (with fill in the blanks) doc
  2. Events and Character Chart 
  3. Macbeth Essay Preparation, themes, imagery doc
  4. Shakespeare Gems doc

 Please see English 2 Daily Calendar and other class handouts in the folders in the right column! Thank you!  Please check calendar frequently as it is updated daily.