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CEEB Code: 052358 PVPUSD

Latin 1

World Language
2017-18 Fall Term

Course Description

The first course in Latin involves basic grammar, vocabulary, derivatives, translation, and culture. The declensions, conjugations, and rules of grammar are drilled thoroughly so that students may recognize basic grammatical constructions in Latin, as well as in English and in foreign languages. Vocabulary building is stressed both for reading selections in Latin and for increasing word power in English through derivatives.

Classical stories written in simple Latin, are translated into English throughout the year. Latin abbreviations and expressions using in English are presented to help students recognize and appreciate interesting and useful proverbs, mottos, and sayings used in the modern world.  Elements of day-to-day Roman culture (e.g., mythology, Roman architecture and Roman numerals) are explored.  No prior knowledge of Latin is required.

All students take the appropriate level of the National Latin Exam as a means of measuring their progress against national standards and diverse programs across the country.

Membership in the school Latin Club, CA JCL and the NJCL are highly encouraged.