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Latin 3H

World Language
2017-18 Fall Term

Course Description

 Latin III Honors
The first semester of this course focuses on completing the grammar and vocabulary
study needed to read authentic Latin. Students also reinforce translation skills by
composing sentences in Latin. The second semester continues to reinforce grammar by
means of the translation and reading of Roman authors. Students identify grammatical
structures in context, and also begin to analyze the works as literature in class discussion
and individual essays. To that end, students also learn the necessary meter and literary
devices featured in authentic literature. Selections include both prose and poetry from the
works of Catullus, Cicero, Livy, and Virgil. In general, the course addresses the history
and culture of the late republican period. The study of derivation and word origin remains
a point of emphasis. In the final quarter, students explore the works of Virgil and Caesar (in adapted Latin, original Latin or in translation.)
All students take the National Latin Exam as a means of measuring their progress against national
standards and diverse programs across the country.
Membership in the school Latin Club, CA JCL and the NJCL are highly encouraged.