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Junior Scheduling

Junior Scheduling

On February 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th the counselors will be meeting virtually with juniors to schedule them for next year through English classes. Please send your students to the counseling office zoom link at the designated time to meet with their counselor. Students will be sent back to your online class once they have met with their counselor for scheduling. Counseling Office Zoom 

Time            February 22nd A-Day                                Time                         February 23rd B-Day

1st Period

8:15-9:55           Damon                                        4th Period 8:15-9:55                      Lyons

2nd Period

10:15-11:55       Damon                                        5th Period 10:15-11:55                  Damon

3rd Period

12:40-2:20         Damon                                         Period 6 12:40-2:20                      Damon

              Time                                                                        February 24th – All Periods

      1st Period 8:15-8:45                                                                     Soufl (RWS 3)

      3rd Period 9:35-10:05                                                      Belmonte (Comm Skls 1-3)

      6th Period 11:35-12:05                                                              Black (RWS 1-3)

Time               February 25th A-Day                               Time                       February 26th B-Day

1st Period

8:15-9:55             Mogilefsky                                      4th period 8:15-9:55          Mogilefsky

2nd Period

10:15-11:55          Mogilefsky                                     5th Period 10:15-11:55      Mogilefsky/ Lyons

3rd Period

12:40-2:20                 None                                          6th Period 12:40-2:20        Mogilefsky

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