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Red Ribbon Week Activities

Red Ribbon Week 16-17

Monday, 10/24: MADD car will be on campus. The car will be on campus in the senior pod through Tuesday. Nutrition video via 205 on texting and driving. Stickers passed out at nutrition/lunch.

Tuesday, 10/25: “Lei off Drugs”: 205 shows “Faces of Drunk Driving” and leis are passed out at nutrition/lunch. Alcohol Drug Awareness and Prevention Team speaker at lunch in 503. Parent speaker in PM Moe Gelbart from Thelma MacMillan.

Wednesday, 10/26: Wear Red!! English classes will have handouts for students with the Voices of Drunk Driving stories. Students will wear RED and be able to sign a pledge of sobriety for candy in the park. . ADAPT speaker at lunch in OAR.

Thursday, 10/27: ADAPT speaker at lunch in 503. Final PSA or Voice of Drunk Driving on announcements/205 to finalize the week.

Friday, 10/28: Pumpkin Palooza! Once again, we will have a pumpkin pie eating contest, harvest photos, arts and crafts and more in Sea King Park for students to participate in sober activities.
Please note: We will be holding all ADAPT speakers in Room 503 for the week.