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Triton Leaders Receive Honors at USD National Yearbook Conference

Congratulations to Triton Yearbook photographer Sophia Kang who was awarded the Grand Prize for Advanced Photography at the University of San Diego on July 28. Her photo essay on a day in the life of a student with a summer job inside the Copley Library was the subject that captured the interest of the judges. She also received a second place for her environmental photography of a cook working the grill inside the university cafeteria. As her adviser Susan Pavelka said, “There is more to it than just setting up the photos. There is having the courage to request permission from the subject and doing the interview that follows up those photos. Sophia did both with grace. I am proud of her efforts.”
Congratulations also to Hana Meroth who is taking over the Triton Yearbook design this year from Amy Miao. “Hana is well on her way with an outstanding cover design, end-sheets and internal spreads. She is committed to pursuing excellence and dedicated to serving the PVHS community with fresh ideas. Her team of leaders who also attended camp are helping her every step of the way. Everyone became a designer at camp or a writer or a photographer” Pavelka said, “And we, the Triton Yearbook team, are better because of our experience collaborating together and interacting with our competition. I am grateful for a staff that continues to be brave enough to embrace change and to find a way to produce a 472 page full-color yearbook that WOWS!”