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World Language

Department Lead: Cecilia Remeta
310-378-8471 x43631
Room: 331
[email protected]

Mrs. Remeta, World Language department chair, was born and raised in Lima, Peru. She has been teaching at Palos Verdes High School since 2003. She earned a BS in Architecture in Lima and came to USA to further her studies at UCLA. Prior to teaching she worked for nine years in the interior design field. After having her children she decided to become a teacher. She graduated from LMU with a Masters Degree in Secondary Education. Teaching Spanish is her passion and she is excited to share what she knows as a native speaker. Mrs. Remeta currently teaches Spanish IV, Spanish V, and AP Spanish Language and AP Spanish Literature. In her free time she loves to spend time with her family and travel.

The World Language Department at Palos Verdes High School currently offers regular, MCR (Meets College Requirements), honors, and AP classes for Spanish, French, and Chinese. We have a dynamic, creative and experienced faculty of 11 teachers. All of our teachers hold CA teaching credentials and most of them have earned master’s degrees. The World Language Department Goals are:

  • To fulfill students’ College entrance requirements.
  • To help students become proficient communicators.
  • To gain an appreciation of a language and the richness of its culture.
  • To understand the importance of language for diplomacy and cooperation between nations.

Our Language programs benefit from the block schedule, which allows extended time (approximately 113 minutes) in the classroom to learn, practice, and refine all language skills. We offer:

Chinese program

  • 5 year Chinese program
  • Third year accelerated pace Honors classes
  • Zero period Chinese 2-Open to 8th graders
  • Fourth year AP Chinese Language  – College credit
  • AP passing rate over 90%
  • Fifth year Chinese class


French Program

  • 4 year French program
  • Third year accelerated pace Honors classes
  • Zero period French 1-Open to 8th graders
  • Fourth year AP French Language – College credit


Spanish Program

  • 5 year Spanish program
  • Third year accelerated pace Honors classes
  • Fourth year AP Spanish Language – College credit
  • Fifth year AP Spanish Literature – College credit
  • AP passing rate over 90%
  • Second and third year remedial MCR program


Korean Program 

  • 4 year Korean program
  • Third and  Fourth year accelerated pace Honors classes
  • Zero period Korean 1-Open to 8th graders
  • The opportunity to attend a summer camp in Korea sponsored by Korean Education Center
  • Video:


All World Language classes promote the acquisition of a new language according to ACTFL’s  National  Standards. Communication

  • Focus on writing and creative expression.
  • Individual and group oral presentations.


  • Various cultural and artistic research projects.
  • A thorough understanding of other cultures’ products and practices.
  • Use of authentic music and films in the classroom.
  • Important cultural celebrations in Chinese, French, Korean and Spanish.


  • Interdisciplinary correlation through current events and presentation projects.
  • Use of technology to acquire and present information.
  • Research projects to further students’ knowledge in literature, history, geography, social studies, music, and art.


  • Improve student’s understanding of his/her language and culture by comparing it to the world language studied.


  • Active Honor Societies.
  • Students’ participation in community service projects.
  • Travel opportunities in summer immersion programs.
  • Annual field trips to visit local events, exhibitions, museums, etc.


How many world languages are offered at Palos Verdes High School?
Currently, Palos Verdes High School offers Chinese, French, Korean, and Spanish.
What are the UC/CSU requirements for world language?
UC schools have a 2-year world language minimum requirement; 3 years are recommended. Cal State schools require 2 years of world language study. Most private or out-of-state colleges require a minimum of 2 years.
How many levels of each language are offered?


  • Chinese 1
  • Chinese 2
  • Chinese 3 or Chinese 3 Honors
  • Chinese 4 or Chinese AP Language and Culture
  • Chinese 5


  • French 1
  • French 2
  • French 3 or French 3 Honors
  • French 4 or French 4 AP Language and Culture
  • Korean 1
  • Korean 2
  • Korean 3, 3 Honors
  • Korean 4, 4 Honors


  • Spanish 1
  • Spanish 2 or Spanish 2 MCR
  • Spanish 3, 3 Honors, or 3 MCR
  • Spanish 4 or 4 AP Language and Culture
  • Spanish 5 or 5 AP Literature and Culture

What determines student placement for each language level?

Students are placed in a level based on achievement and teacher recommendation. Students must demonstrate competency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening at each level in order to advance.

What is MCR? MCR is an acronym for “Meets College Requirement.” 

Students who struggle in second language acquisition are assessed and may be placed in an MCR class based on teacher recommendation.  This tract meets College requirements and adheres to California State world Language Standards.  It moves at a modified pace.

If my child earned a solid A or B in a world language class in 8th grade, what class should he/she take as a freshman?

The appropriate placement is the next corresponding level.  For French and Spanish, it’s level 2.  There is no Level 2 honors class. For Chinese, if the student finished Level 1 or Level 1 part 1 and 2, the appropriate placement is Level 2.

What is the benefit of teaching world language using the block schedule vs. the traditional schedule? The Block schedule (approximately 113 minutes) allows more time for oral and written assessment, listening activities, group projects, and presentations. It is ideal for using a variety of activities to differentiate learning. Having the students in class for a longer period of time also prepares them for longer classes at the university level.