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Participation Donations

PVPUSD is a public school district, and as such, may not require a fee in order to participate in school related activities. Although donations are not mandatory, it is impossible to maintain the current level of activities for students without such donations. If enough donation money is not raised, PVPUSD and PVHS will be forced to cut teams and entire programs.

Due to drastic funding cuts at the state level over the last five years, PVPUSD and PVHS have been forced to ask families for donations in order to maintain co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. An explanation of the three major types of donations is provided below.

The opportunities provided for students are directly dependent on the collective financial help of families and the community.

PVPUSD and PVHS have the following donation requests:

Participation Donation:

Where does this money go? A specific account at PVHS for each program (i.e. football donations go to a PVHS Football account)

Who do I make the check out to? Please make checks payable to: PVHS and turn them in to the Student Store along with the athletic or extracurricular
program clearance packets.

What is this money used for? Transportation, uniforms, equipment, officials & tournament entry costs

Description: Participation donations started in the 2010-11 school year in order to make up a district shortfall of over $1 million for extra curricular activities. The participation donation money is intended to replace the money that once came from the district but has been reduced by over 50% due to state funding decreases. Each program has been given a suggested participation donation amount based upon the total cost to run that program. It was anticipated that 75% of participants would give the suggested donation amount. While the entire suggested participation donation amount is preferred, any donation is greatly appreciated.

PVHS Booster Club:

Where does this money go? The PVHS Booster Club is a non-profit organization separate from PVPUSD or PVHS. There is only one PVHS Booster Club that supports student activities in the arts, academics and athletics.

Who do I make the check out to? PVHS Booster Club

What is this money used for? Stipends for additional coaches and advisers, additional equipment, field and facility maintenance and improvements, classroom technology, drama sets, many other items that are essential but not provided by the district

Description: The PVHS Booster Club is under the direction of a group of PVHS parents (the executive board). The Booster Club raises the majority of its money in two ways. “Catch the Wave” is a fundraising event in early March that raises about 1/3 of the club’s revenue. Membership makes up the remainder. The Booster Club annually gives PVHS programs over $400,000. Families can join the booster club for a membership fee of $200. After the initial $200 membership fee, additional money can be donated to one or more “restricted” accounts where money can only be spent on specific programs. School officials are able to request money from the Booster Club for various expenses. Each request is passed through one of three committees and then approved by a Booster Club executive board vote. The Booster Club meets on the second Tuesday night of each month in the PVHS library. All members are welcome to attend.

Team Donations:

Where does this money go? A specific account in the PVHS Student Store for each program, sport or activity.

Who do I make the check out to? PVHS ASB

What is this money used for? Small expenses associated with each program, team dinners, banquets, awards, spirit packs (clothing),

Description: The PVHS Student Store has various accounts for all of the different programs on campus. The money kept in each student store account can only be used for the specific program for which the account is designated. Requests for student store funds must be approved by the advisor/coach, an ASB student representative and the administration. Student Store funds are used under specific guidelines and must be used to benefit students. Coaches and advisors are able to access Student Store funds in order to provide funding for different expenses associated with the day to day operations of each program.

No student or family is required to donate to any of these entities. No student will be denied participation due to financial considerations.

Students that are unable to make a participation donation will not be denied the right to participate.