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PVHSCCC College & Career Library


Below you will find a number of great books that offer helpful information on College and Career Planning for parents and students! (Descriptions via Google Books)



The College Finder: Choose the School That’s Right for You!  The College Finder

Fourth Edition 
By Steven R. Antonoff, Ph.D.

In the fourth edition of The College Finder, Dr. Steven R. Antonoff has In the fourth edition of The College Finder, Dr. Steven R. Antonoff hascompiled nearly 700 lists that will help students zero in on the colleges where they can get in and fit in. As the author notes, “The primary goal of The College Finder is to expand the pool of schools that students consider, extend the possibilities they envision, and magnify their sense of power as they research colleges.”  College guides tend to be thick compendiums offering “snapshots” of hundreds of schools. Much of this information is available on individual college websites, and little of it will help a student differentiate among the thousands of choices out there.


The College Finder is in a class by itself. Essentially, it is a book of lists. The latest edition features lists of schools organized by essential categories (Academics, Student Life, Athletics, Costs, Admission, and Expert Opinions) as well as unexpected classifications (Where Most Students Live On Campus, Great Colleges For Cyclists, Colleges With the Most Computers Available to Students, Great Value Colleges, and Hidden Gems). Want to find out which schools charge no tuition, combine undergraduate degrees with a medical degree, offer toy design, are committed to the environment, love their football teams, seek diversity in their student body, or have unusually accessible teachers


Who Gets In and Why


Who Gets In and Why: A Year Inside College Admissions        

By Jeffrey Selingo

From award-winning higher education journalist and New York Times bestselling author Jeffrey Selingo comes a revealing look from inside the admissions office—one that identifies surprising strategies that will aid in the college search.

In Who Gets In and Why, journalist and higher education expert Jeffrey Selingo dispels entrenched notions of how to compete and win at the admissions game, and reveals that teenagers and parents have much to gain by broadening their notion of what qualifies as a “good college.” Hint: it’s not all about the sticker on the car window. Selingo, who was embedded in three different admissions offices—a selective private university, a leading liberal arts college, and a flagship public campus—closely observed gatekeepers as they made their often agonizing and sometimes life-changing decisions. He also followed select students and their parents, and he traveled around the country meeting with high school counselors, marketers, behind-the-scenes consultants, and college rankers.

While many have long believed that admissions is merit-based, rewarding the best students, Who Gets In and Why presents a more complicated truth, showing that “who gets in” is frequently more about the college’s agenda than the applicant. In a world where thousands of equally qualified students vie for a fixed number of spots at elite institutions, admissions officers often make split-second decisions based on a variety of factors—like diversity, money, and, ultimately, whether a student will enroll if accepted.  One of the most insightful books ever about “getting in” and what higher education has become, Who Gets In and Why not only provides an usually intimate look at how admissions decisions get made, but guides prospective students on how to honestly assess their strengths and match with the schools that will best serve their interests.  


The Truth About College Admission


The Truth about College Admission: A Family Guide to Getting In and Staying Together

By Brennan Barnard, Rick Clark

Is your family just starting to think about visiting colleges? Maybe you are in the throes of the experience, feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. Did we miss a deadline? Should we be looking in-state or out-of-state, big school or small school? And what is a "FAFSA" anyway?

The Truth about College Admission is the easy-to-follow, comprehensive, go-to guide for families. The expert author’s “with inside knowledge from both the high school and university sides of the experience” provide critical advice, thoughtful strategies, helpful direction, and invaluable reassurance during the long and often bewildering college admission journey. From searching for colleges and creating a list of favorites to crafting an application, learning what schools are looking for academically and outside the classroom, and getting insight into how colleges decide who to accept, this book covers every important step. Helpful sections like "Try This," "Talk about This," and "Check In" show your family how to have open and balanced conversations to keep everyone on the same page, feeling less stressed, and actually enjoying the adventure together. The Truth about College Admission is the practical and inspiring guidebook your family needs, an essential companion along the path to college acceptance.

Teen's Guide to College  & Career PlanningTeen's Guide to College & Career Planning

By Justin Ross Muchnick


With input from teens, parents, and numerous experts, Teens' Guide to College & Career Planning knows just how to talk to high school students about the important decisions involving life after graduation. This easy-to-read guide, with updated content, enables busy students to hone in on the right information for them. Whether it's mapping the road from high school to college, figuring out financial aid, determining if joining the military is the right move, preparing for an interview, or developing early career skills, Teens' Guide addresses each option available to young adults with meaningful information. Inside you'll find valuable advice from guidance counselors, instructors, college admission officials, military officers, and most importantly-other high school students!


College Admission EssentialsCollege Admission Essentials: A Step-by-Step Guide to Showing Colleges Who You Are and What Matters to You

By Ethan Sawyer


You may think that getting an acceptance letter from selective colleges and universities is a mad dash to the top that only the very best students survive, and those who make it are just the lucky ones. Stress levels soar as it feels like the bar is rising higher and everything is out of your control.  But that's not true! You can take control, and you can do it in a way that's as effective as it is empowering. From describing your extracurriculars to interviews with admission officers, it comes down to two questions:

What matters most to you?   How does it manifest in your life?

The answers will give direction to every part of the admission process. Ethan Sawyer (the College Essay Guy), along with dozens of top admission experts, will help you stand out by showing colleges and universities how your values and your drive will change you, your alma mater, and the world.

Inside you'll find...Advice and insight from a team of counselors, advisors, and deans of admission, Interactive exercises that quickly and easily provide the best content for your application, Access to a massive database of online resources, including organizational tools and in-depth guides, Guidance for veterans, students with learning differences, LGBTQ+ students, students interested in women's colleges or HBCUs, and more!



The College Conversation by Eric J. Furda and Jacques SteinbergThe College Conversation: A PRACTICAL COMPANION FOR PARENTS TO GUIDE THEIR CHILDREN ALONG THE PATH TO HIGHER EDUCATION




Helpful Websites

Target Issue Description or Special Features Website Address
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LD College planning for students with learning disabilities
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LD College planning for students with learning disabilities
Canadian Schools Search programs and info on Canadian universities
Accelerated  Med Programs Combined BA-MD programs
Career Occupational Outlook Handbook - Up to date info on hundreds of careers
Career/College opportunities
Connecting high school students of all backgrounds to a proven selection of exceptional opportunities for college and life.
Career Connecting College Majors to Careers
Career A guide created by UC Berkeley to help you learn  more about the careers you’ve been considering. Career Center 
Career  Guide into career descriptions with links to the“real” world. Provides links to resources. Occupational Outlook Handbook
Career The most extensive career resource library online. Smart career decisions start here! Career One Stop 
Career Personality assessment provides detailed report on your personality type. Explore a list of suggested careers and majors that fit your personality and strengths. My Road Career 
Career Career exploration defined by you.  Check this out on your Naviance Family Connection as well! Road Trip Nation
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U.S. Colleges Alphabetical list of colleges in the United States. Provides links to International schools. American Colleges 
California Junior Colleges List of community colleges with addresses, phone numbers, and Internet links. California Community Colleges 
Campus Tours Scheduled regional college tours
College Catalogs College and University Catalogs
Financial Aid Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE)
Financial Aid Merit Aid Database

Helping students increase college success by planning transformative Gap Years based on life skills and real world learning

Click here to read Gap Years During a Global Pandemic by Katherine Stievater, published December 31, 2020

Click here to access Katherine’s webinar hosted by the Belmont High School PTSO (60 minutes including Q&A)

Click here for Katherine’s interview with Belmont Media Center (12 minutes)

Are you thinking of majoring in Business?  Please check out this business exploration series that was put together by Oklahoma State University... it will give you a good idea of what different avenues you can take or specializations you might be interested in like accounting, hospitality, international business and more: Watch Now
 Find the Higher Education Disability Resources You Need.
In October, 2019, the NCCSD sent out a survey* to every degree-granting institution of higher education in the United States, asking them for information about disability services, programming, courses, and resources on campus.  The information was entered into this free, publicly-available database that can be used by prospective students and their families when making decisions about enrolling in higher education transition programs, undergraduate degree programs, or graduate schools (including law and medical schools).  The database can also be used by current students, faculty, and staff to find resources on their campus.  Researchers and policymakers may also find the information useful.
Examples of some information that will be available:
  • Contact information for learning about disability services, counseling, and/or health services on each campus (if available)
  • Whether the campus has any types of student organizations about disability or Deaf culture
  • If the campus has disability studies or American Sign Language programs
  • Accessibility of major buildings on campus
  • Experience providing various types of disability accommodations in the past three years

This project is being done in collaboration with the Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI) at the University of Massachusetts-Boston.

If you have any questions, please contact the NCCSD at or research@ahead.orgPlease feel free to download and print out the CeDaR Poster for your offices.
The FREECeDaR Database has disability information for every degree-granting college and university in the United States