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Counseling | Programs & Services

Gayle Carpenter Associate Principal | 310-378-8471 Ext. 43204 |
Mrs. Paula Stapleton | Gr. 9-12: A-Da | Ext: 43220 |
Ms. Megan Lichter | Gr. 9-12: De-H | Ext: 43246 |
Mrs. Kristin Nelson | Gr. 9-12: I-Mc | Ext: 43293 |
Mrs. Merika McHugh | Gr. 9-12: Me-R | Ext: 43217 |
Ms. Heidi Shulman | Gr. 9-12: S-Z | Ext: 43216 |
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Counseling Approach

Based on the National Standards from the American School Counseling Association, the PVHS Counseling Department believes in a whole-child counseling approach, utilizing the PVPUSD Essential Counseling Standards to work with students in the domain areas of academics, College and career planning and personal-social development.

The Counseling department has developed a program that allows students to: Acquire necessary decision making information in a timely and effective manner including:Incoming 8th grade parent orientation, 8th grade student articulation program, Graduation Requirement information and checklist, Program selection and course planning assistance, College admissions planning, College testing timelines

Apply acquired basic skills to personal planning and decision making through:Goal Setting, Communicating, Problem Solving, Conflict Resolution, Stress Management, Positive Risk Taking, Self-Advocacy, Time Management, Acceptance of Responsibility

Establish a partnership with counselor / parent/ student / staff in an environment that:Monitors academic progress, Is confidential in nature, Supports cooperation and consistency, Fosters a sense of community within the school, Facilitates open and honest communication

Experience support, counseling, and guidance when confronted with educational, personal, social and/or emotional issues such as: Academic risk, Attendance and truancy problems, Substance Abuse, Suicidal Ideation, Peer Conflicts, Family Issues, Coping Skills
Wellness Resources

Counseling Program and Services by Grade Level with the following below:

8th Grade
  • Introduction and Orientation in small groups in March
  • Individual scheduling meetings with counselors in April
  • Incoming 9th Grade Parent Presentation in March
  • Private School Registration for private school families in April
9th Grade
  • Coronation Day First Day of School - All students attend a variety of presentations on topics including bias, microaggressions and slurs, how to find resources at school and school safety and rules.
  • Freshmen Guidance lesson in October – Focused on goal setting, decision making and coping skills
  • Individual scheduling meetings with Counselor in February
10th Grade
  • Coronation Day– All students attend a variety of presentations on topics including being an active bystander, school safety and rules.
  • You Science Career Interest Inventory on College Day in October
  • Classroom guidance lesson on college and career paths using results of You Science in January
  • Sophomore Counseling Meetings – Individual meetings with the counselor to complete 4 year planning/postsecondary counseling and individual scheduling for junior year in February-March
  • Sophomore Parent Presentation in February
  • Suicide Prevention Lesson by SAGE counselors in December
11th grade
  • Coronation Day – All students attend a variety of presentations on topics including sexual assault awareness and prevention and school safety and rules.
  • Classroom guidance lesson on goal setting, stress management and coping skills in February
  • Individual scheduling and postsecondary planning meetings with counselor in February
  • Classroom guidance lesson focused on college and postsecondary next steps/summer goals in May
  • Graduation checks mailed home to all juniors and parents in June
12th Grade
  • Coronation Day – All students attend a variety of presentations on topics including sexual assault awareness and prevention and school safety and rules.
  • Classroom Guidance lesson on the college application process and postsecondary plans in September
  • Individual postsecondary counseling meeting with each senior in October
  • Senior Interviews for those requesting counselor letter of recommendation
  • Personalized letters of recommendation for each senior that requests one
  • Monitor Seniors in Danger of not graduating and communicate with teachers and parents
  • Suicide Prevention lesson by SAGE therapists in December
  • Senior Seminar on topics to prepare students for post-secondary life in June (Topics include sexual assault prevention, substance abuse, healthy relationship)
Counseling Services provided to all Grade Levels
  • Individual academic and post-secondary planning
  • College and Career Advisement
  • Individual counseling – personal, social and academic
  • Individual scheduling with all students in spring
  • D/F Counseling each quarter for students with multiple D’s and F’s
  • Intervention Meetings for at risk students as needed
  • Crisis Counseling
  • Suicide Assessments
  • Resources and community referrals
  • Individual parent meetings as requested/needed
  • Personalized letters of recommendation for students for college entrance, scholarships, summer programs and leadership opportunities.
  • Attendance counseling
  • NCAA resources and advising