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The PVHS PTSA Nominating Committee wants your suggestions for next year’s PTSA Executive Board.  Please make your nominations by filling in and submitting this form by January 4, 2021. Self-nominations welcome!   You may access the form at the following link:
Nominations are anonymous unless you fill in your name and/or email address (optional).  For incoming 9th grade families next year, please indicate which Middle school the nominee is coming from.

Questions?  Contact PVHS PTSA Parliamentarian, Rhonda Rafijah:


Honorary Service Awards 2020
PTSA Honorary Service Awards 2020

The PVHS PTSA bylaws committee has met and the bylaw changes have been approved from the California State PTSA.
The changes will be discussed at the April 28th PTSA General Meeting and voted on in May.
~All bylaws were discussed amongst the committee members with the following changes to be made:
-That the following option will be chosen:
Page 10 Article VIII Section 8 to include the option of teleconferencing during Executive Board meetings.
Page 16 #17 Standing Committees
-Per Council request a Wellness Committee will be added.
-The Campus Improvement Committee will be combined with the Gifting Committee and renamed Gifting & Campus Enhancement Committee.
-The Lobbying Committee will be renamed Advocacy Committee.
~PVHS Standing Rules were also reviewed, discussed and the following changes are recommended:
-Strike “subject to Article IX, section 2,” from Rules #20, #21 and #22 due to a new bylaws template.
-We would like to recommend adding a rule about supporting Rancho Del Mar High School (using a parallel standing rule with PVPHS).
#29 will read “The Palos Verdes High School PTSA will co-support Rancho Del Mar High School in PTSA activities together with Peninsula High School PTSA.
(1) When the fiscal year begins in an even year (i.e. 2018, 2020, 2022), PVHS PTSA pays for the Rancho Del Mar Principal to attend the Council’s annual Principals/Presidents’ functions and;
(2) Each year, PVHS PTSA pays for one-half the expenses for one student from Rancho Del Mar High School to attend Capitol Convoy (the other half is paid by Peninsula High School PTSA).