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CEEB Code: 052358 PVPUSD
Clubs & Activities » The Human Rights Coalition (PVOW, GSA, and CARE)

The Human Rights Coalition (PVOW, GSA, and CARE)

Mission Statement: The purpose of Human Rights Coalition (HRC) is to celebrate diversity and prevent the marginalization of all peoples. HRC strives to create a just community that fights discrimination regardless of race, religion, gender, ability, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity. We will educate the school community and beyond, and use our power to stand up for those who feel silenced. We seek to develop a school climate where difference is valued as a positive contribution to a more diverse school community. 

Land Acknowledgement: In this meeting, we acknowledge that the land we inhabit today was once home to the Tongva and Kizh people, the stewards of the land before we came to live here. On this land, we are so fortunate to live, work, and learn as a community. The history of what happened to the Tongva and Kizh in this land and other indigenous peoples has been largely marginalized and hidden. Many Tongva and Kizh people continue to live in the Los Angeles area and care for this land. In addition, there are thousands of other Indigenous people living in the Los Angeles region. LA is home to the largest population of Indigenous peoples in the United States. As a group, we seek to tell the whole story and include voices that were previously excluded. We strive to bravely face the facts of this history, no matter how painful. This acknowledgment is a step to a better understanding of our world. With the hope that a better understanding of our world will lead to meaningful actions and contributions in our society. We will continue to seek a better understanding and educate ourselves on the truthful history of these people's lives and land.