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Algebra 2 Honors

Edward Mertens

Course Description

In this year-long course, students expand their skills in abstract thinking and improve their ability to provide algebraic solutions to challenging problems in various content areas. A functional approach is used in the development of concepts such as exponents, logarithms, and polynomials. Other topics include systems of quadratic equations, sequences and series, the binomial theorem, the complex number system, and statistics.

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p. 593: 1, 2, 4, 5
11.1: 1, 2, 3-31 odd, 32, 33-37 odd


11.2: 1-21 odd, 22
11.3: 1-33 odd, 34


11.4: 1-19 odd
11.5: 1-7 odd, 11-23 odd

Recent Posts

You may recall that at the beginning of the year, you took an Algebra 2 Readiness diagnostic test.  On Monday or Tuesday, you will be taking a Precalculus Readiness diagnostic test.
The math department decided to start giving the test at the end of the school year instead of the beginning, so that we have the data for counseling purposes over the summer.
Study for the test only if you think that you will be preparing for each Precalculus class next year by spending time reviewing Algebra 2.  You know you won't be doing that!  In other words, do not study for the test.  The purpose of the test is to see what you really KNOW, not what you can cram the night before.

Chapter 9 Test
Median score by period (out of 60)
Algebra 2 Honors
Period 0: 48
Period 1: 53
Period 2: 46
Period 4: 49
Algebra 2
Period 5: 53

Chapter 8 Test
Average score by period (out of 60)
Algebra 2 Honors
Period 0: 51.4
Period 1: 52.3
Period 2: 47.6
Period 4: 53.1
Algebra 2
Period 5: 49.1

Chapter 7 Test
Average score by period (out of 60)
Algebra 2 Honors
Period 0: 51.9
Period 1: 53.3
Period 2: 51.4
Period 4: 51.8
Algebra 2
Period 5: 50.0

Algebra 2 Honors Students

Don't forget to bring $5 to pay for the administration of the AMC-10 test on February 7, 8-9:30.  The tests have already been ordered, so this is to reimburse the Math Club for the tests.  If finances are an issue, you are still taking the test.  The Math Club will cover it.

Final Grades

Algebra 2 Honors - average percentage by period 

Period 0: 87.2
Period 1: 90.7
Period 2: 86.4
Period 4: 89.3

Algebra 2

In period 5, the average percentage was 83.8.  However, this number is a deceptive statistic, as there were a couple of outliers.  The median was 86.7.  Just over half the class earned A's on the final exam.

In Algebra 2, the average score on the Chapter 4 test was 46.5/60.  Out of 32 scores, 13 were at least 54/60. 
Last year, the average was 45.2/60.  
The overall average grade is 82.1%.