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Proyecto - mandatos formales de ustedes

Nuestro proyecto para Unidad 3 Etapa 1 tiene que ver con los mandatos formales de ustedes. Vas a dirigir la clase (sólo) usando mandatos, y la clase va a actuar las acciones como mimos. Tienes que formar mandatos del vocabulario de 3.1, memorizarlos, y practicar antes de presentar. El proyecto vale quince puntos.
-Incluya 8 mandatos formales en la forma ustedes.
-Preséntelos a la clase; la clase los actúa como mimos.
-Entregue los mandatos escritos a Sr. McK.
Discutimos detalles pronto, y van a tener tiempo para formar sus mandatos durante la clase antes de presentar.
Sr. McK

Examen Unidad 3 Etapa 1

Hola todos:
Nuestro examen de 3.1 viene pronto. Para las clases de día A, va a estar en lunes 21/5. Para las clases de día B, va a estar en martes 22/5. También van a tener una presentación (con mandatos de ustedes) corta el día del examen. Vamos a discutir mas detalles pronto. ¡Estudien! 
Sr. McK

Guía de estudio - examen 3.2

Aquí está la guía de estudio para el examen Unidad 3 Etapa 2. Para la tarea, tienes que imprimirla y completarla. Para las clases del día A, se entrega viernes 27/4. Para las clases del día B, se entrega lunes 30/4. Vale 10 puntos.
Feliz estudio,
Sr. McKinney

Examen U2E3: Guía de estudio

See attached for the study guide (due day of exam, printed & complete, for 10 pts). A few helpful songs/videos for the grammar related to this etapa:

Escenas del restaurante/Test week

Hola todos:
I hope you're enjoying a nice weekend so far (1 week till Spring Break!!). Click the hyperlinked title to this post for the prompt (pg.1) and rubric (pg.2) for the skit presentations (Escenas del restaurante). As a reminder, this presentation will be included as part of the exam grade. Within the skit grade, you will be graded as a group on your script, and individually on your presentation. You will have access to We will work on them next class, and the week breaks down like this:
(viernes 23/3, A): Repaso del examen U2E3, form groups & start writing script.
lunes 26/3, B: Repaso del examen U2E3, form groups & start writing script.
-tarea: work on script - see prompt for vocab/grammar to be included.
martes 27/, A: Finish/turn in final draft of script (hand-written), rehearse, present.
miércoles 28/3, B: Finish/turn in final draft of script (hand-writtten), rehearse, present.
jueves 29/3, A: tomar examen U2E3
viernes 30/3, Min Day B: tomar examen U2E3
~descanso de primavera~
Si tienes preguntas, mándame un correo electrónico.
Sr. McKinney

Guía de estudio - examen U2E2

Hola todos:
We will take some time to review in the beginning of class before taking Examen U2E2 later this week. A few key areas to focus on when studying for the exam Thursday (B day) and Friday (A day):
  • Vocabulario (20 terms on exam): página 147. Spelling, using in context.
  • Past/Imperfect progressive (on exam portion): página 135 apuntes, página 136 actividad 8.
  • Preterite & Imperfect (on exam portion): página 137 apuntes, actividad 11 página138
  • Ordinal numbers/Números ordinales (on exam portion): página 140 "nota gramática" y apuntes #11
Studying the homework assignments that correspond with each grammar topic (or vocabulary) is another simple way to prepare for the exam.
Feliz estudio,
Sr. McKinney

Guía de estudio U2E1

Hola todos:
We have our exam for Unidad 2, Etapa 1 on 15/2 (B) and 16/2 (A). Attached is a study guide that will be worth 10pts, due on the day of the test. It is a packet that covers all three grammar topics from the etapa. We will review the answers and collect them on the day of the test for your period.
íFeliz estudiando!

Guía de estudios - Examen del semestre 1

Attached is a review packet for the semester final. It covers more than we have done so far, so keep in mind that only  #1-120 will be fair game for the exam. This is the most useful tool for review leading up to the exam. It covers all the grammar and vocabulary, and is in the same format as the final. We will reference this during class when reviewing together. Feel free to print and bring it, but this is not required. Happy studying!
Sr. McKinney

Proyecto - El periódico ridículo

Hola todos:
We will begin a project at the end of this week, which is based on our current chapter about the news/media. You will be required to work in a group of 4 to create a poster that represents a newspaper or magazine.
The poster must be 8.5"x11" minimum; no lined paper final projects will be accepted. We will work on a rough draft in class, but some work will need to be done outside of class time. We will begin forming groups and working on the rough draft on 1/12 (B) and 1/16 (A). I will check the rough drafts in class before allowing each group to begin their poster. The final poster must include: an image/drawing, an article, a title, and a headline. Your rough draft is worth 10 points, and the final poster is worth 30 points (40 point total). Posters are due on finals day for your class next week.
The group roles are as follows:
-1 member: artist (article drawing, poster format)
-2 members: writers (article text)
-1 member: editor (read/correct article, create title and headline)
We will discuss the details and scoring of the project in class- I look forward to seeing you soon!
Sr. McKinney

Índice de contenidos

Please print and bring to class blank on 12/12 (B) or 12/13 (A). We will use it for our spiral notebooks, and will start filling it out in class together. Enjoy a peaceful weekend!
Sr. McKinney

Examen Unidad 1 Etapa 2

Our exam for U1E2 is 11/30 (B day) and 12/1 (A day). It will be the same format as the last exam: a vocabulary test/prueba de vocabulario of 20 terms from the list on pg. 73, and an exam/examen. The exam portion will be a mix of multiple choice, true/false, and short answer.
It would serve you best to study the vocabulary, the new stem change verbs (pg. 60), and the irregular preterite verbs (pg.63). We will take the exam during the second half of the period. Reach out with any questions or concerns, and happy studying!
Sr. McKinney

Pruebita del pretérito irregular

As mentioned in class, we will have a quiz on the irregular preterite verbs on 11/28 (B) and 11/29 (A). It will cover the new verbs from pg. 63 in the text, and your notes. The quiz will include two conjugation charts, three fill in the blank sentences, and one extra credit question. As homework, you are required to study, and have a parent sign your calendar to authorize that you studied for this quiz for at least 15 minutes. I will check for this on the day of your quiz.
Happy studying!
-Sr. McKinney

Notebook check - A (6/11), B (3/11)

We will do a notebook "cuaderno" on Friday (B) and Monday (A). In order to earn the best grade possible, you need to include all items from the list below. The total points will be 115; composed of calentamientos and notes on key grammar topics. You will be given some time in class to organize your notebooks. Use this list to make sure you have all necessary items ready, in order, to be checked on the date for your class.
-Calentamientos 1-20 (5pts each)
-Apuntes: (5pts each)
     el preterito regular
     el preterito de verbos -car/-gar/-zar
     el preterito irregular (ir/ser, hacer, ver, dar)
Please reach out with any questions or concerns. 
Hasta luego,
Sr. McKinney