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Welcome Page

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year at Palos Verdes High School.  
Welcome to Mr. Rho's Algebra 1, FTS, and Geometry classes!
Directions: Please follow the posts below for updated directions and assignments for each day and week!
Please find the meeting links for the first week of school here below.  They will be updated each day.  I'm looking forward to the first day of school with you!  Please make sure you sign in with your PVPUSD email address with the proper student name on record.
Meeting Links:  Please find the daily links on google classroom until future notice.


Class Week of May 18-22, 2020

FTS Quadratic Quiz Make up at 11 am:
Wednesday: A- Day
Period 1, FTS, Yale: 
Period 2, Algebra 2 MCR, Harvard:
Thursday: B-day, May 21, 2020
Period 4, FTS, CAL: 
Period 5 Alg 2 MCR, Princeton:
Period 6, Algebra 1, MIT: 
Period 0, FTS, UCLA:
Assignment List: Please include the correct email subject with heading
an d weekly assignment title!
FTS:  "2.7 Review Assignment Packet"
2.7 Review Pg. 151 #2-30 even 37-40 all
Solving Radical Equations WS#1
Algebra 2 MCR: "2.1 + 2.2 Review Assignment Packet"
2.1 Review Pg. 52 #3-12 all, 1-24 all
2.2 Review Pg. 61 #4-14 even, 15-18 al, 21-30 all
Algebra 1: "3.6 + 3.7 Review Assignment Packet"
3.6 Review Pg. 151 #5-10 all, 25-34 all
3.7 Review Pg. 161 #6-40 even

Classes week of May 11-15, 2020

Thursday, May 14th, 2020, A Day: Zoom Links
9 am, FTS, Yale: 
10 am, Algebra 2 MCR, Harvard
Wednesday, B day, May 13th, 2020: Zoom Links:
Period 4, FTS, CAL, 9 am: 
Period 5, Algebra 2 MCR, 10 am: 
Period 6 Algebra 1, 11 am: 
Period 0, FTS, UCLA, 12 pm: 
Assignment List:
Please start on first assignment of the week.  Rest of the assignments will be updated Wednesday.
FTS: "Quadratic Equations Review Assignment Packet"
-ScreenCast notes
-FTS Quadratic Worksheet #1
-FTS Quadratic WS#2
Algebra 2 MCR: "Solving Quadratic Equations Review Assignment Packet"
-Screen cast notes
-Alg. 2 MCR Solving Quadratic Equations WS #1
-Alg 2 MCR Quadratic WS #2

Algebra 1: "3.4 Review Assignment Packet"
-Screencast notes, Notes May 13th
-3.4 Review Pg. 133 #4-22 all (Please use graph paper or straight edge to make correct graphs for all problems.  Show all work for every problem!)
-Graphing Linear Equations WS #2

Algebra 1 Notes: Graphing Linear Equations May 11th 2020

Write down the notes on a sheet of paper. Feel free to pause the video to do practice problems. Work on the first assignment of the week after taking notes.

Algebra 2 MCR: Notes May 11th/12th 2020

Please watch the screencast notes and take notes on the video. Then start working on the first assignment of the week by downloading the worksheet for the Algebra 2 MCR class.

FTS Video for Notes: Solving Quadratic Equations

Have paper and pencil ready to write down notes and do practice problems while writing notes. Then work on the first assignment worksheet of the week. Feel free to pause and play as you do notes and listen carefully!

Classes week of May 4-8 2020

Zoom Links:
Wednesday, May 6th, 2020:
Period 1, FTS, YALE, 9 am
Period 2, Algebra 2 MCR, Harvard, 10 am:
Thursday, May 7th, 2020: B-Day:
FTS, Period 4:  9 am
Alg. 2 MCR, Period 5: 10 am
Algebra 1, Period 6: 11am
FTS, Period 0: 12 pm
Friday: Please make sure you submit your assignment packet on time with the correct weekly assignment TITLE in the email subject.  No zoom classes on Friday.  After you complete your assignment packet, have a safe and fun weekend!  Study for your quiz next week!  
Weekly Assignment List: The Assignment packet is due by 3 pm Friday.  Please include the email subject as your heading + assignment title of the week listed below:   
FTS: "2.6 Review Assignment Packet"
2.6 Review Pg. 142 #2-42 even
FTS Solving Quadratic Equations Worksheet #1
Algebra 2 MCR: "Ch. 3 Review Quadratic Review Assignment Packet"
Ch. 3 Review Pg. 148 #1-22 all
Ch. 3 Practice Test Pg. 151 #1-4, 11 all
Alg. 2 MCR Solving Quadratic equations WS#1
Algebra 1: "3.3-3.4 Review Assignment Packet"
3.3 Review Pg. 125 #4-20 even
3.1-3.3 Practice Quiz Pg. 128 #1-14 all
Graphing Linear Equations WS#1