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Welcome Page

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year at Palos Verdes High School.  
Welcome to Mr. Rho's Algebra 1, FTS, and Geometry classes!
Directions: Please follow the posts below for updated directions and assignments for each day and week!
Please find the meeting links for the first week of school here below.  They will be updated each day.  I'm looking forward to the first day of school with you!  Please make sure you sign in with your PVPUSD email address with the proper student name on record.
Meeting Links:  Please find the daily links on google classroom until future notice.


April 6th-10th 2020 Class Information

Assignments are due at 3 pm today by email to [email protected]!  Please work on getting it submitted on time or early! :)  Have a nice weekend!
Assignments for April 6-10, 2020:
***Note: Assignment packets are due 3 pm on Friday by email
*Make sure you title your email as the titles in bold below!  Please send in assignment as a single email with attachments!
FTS: Ch. 4 Review Assignment Packet (Download from FTS page)
Zoom Notes
Multiply/Divide Rational Expressions W/S all problems
Add/Subtract Rational Expressions W/S all problems
Multiple/Divide Rational Expressions W/S #2 26-46 even
Algebra 2 MCR: Ch. 5 Review Assignment Packet
Zoom Notes
5.1 Review Pg. 241 #6-34 even
5.2 Review Pg. 248 #4-44 even
Ch. 5 Practice Quiz Review Pg. 260 #2-12 all
5.4 Review Pg. 266 #4-12 even, 16-32 even
Algebra 1: Ch. 6 Review Assignment Packet
Zoom Notes
6.1 Review Pg. 296 #6-32 even, 37-44 all
6.2 Review Pg. 303 #4-34 even
Ch. 6 Practice Quiz Pg. 324 #1-8 all
6.5 Review Pg. 329 #4-24 even
Here are the Zoom Link information for the respective classes!
A Day: April 8th, Wednesday Zoom Links
FTS Period 1, Yale:
Algebra 2 MCR, Period 2 Harvard: 
B Day: April 9th, Thursday Zoom Links:
FTS Period 4: 9am
Algebra 2 MCR, Period 5: 10 am
Algebra 1, Period 6: 11 am
FTS, Period 0, UCLA: 12 pm

March 23rd-27th Information and Directions!

Week of March 23-27, 2020:
Please plan on logging into zoom each morning this week.  A link will be provided to you shortly on this webpage.  We will have updated assignments this week and a zoom time for instructional time and clarification questions via the chat option.
Please make sure you sign up for a free zoom account and have it ready to go!
-Mr. Rho
NEW LINKS FOR Thursday, March 26h, 2020!
Drop in Help for Friday, March 27th: 9-11 am
FTS Zoom Link (Periods 0, 1, 4) at 9 am:   Next mtg: April 6th!
Algebra 2 MCR Zoom Link (periods 2, 5) at 10 am: Next Mtg: April 6th!
Algebra 1 (Period 6) Zoom Link at 11 am: Next mtg is Tues, April 7th!
FTS 0 period at 12 pm Zoom Link:  Next meeting is Tues, April 7th!
Assignments due this week, Friday 3 pm (please submit all assignments in one email at one time!):

FTS:  Logarithm and Exponent Review Week of 3/23

Zoom notes

5.1 Review  Pg. 364 #11-34 all

5.3 Review  Pg. 384 # 2-16 even, 32-56 even

5.5 Pg. 402 # 2-32 even



Algebra 2 MCR:

Zoom notes

7.3 Review Pg. 380 #3-20 all

7.5 Review Pg.  396 #3-10 all, 15-30 all



Algebra 1:

Zoom notes

7.1 Review Pg. 362 6-36 even

7.2 Review Pg. 369 4-42 even

7.5 Review Pg. 389 #4-38 even

7.6 Review Pg. 395 #4-32 even

March 2020

Thank you for checking in to find your assignments for the week of March 13th, 2020.  Please find the assignments for each respective class below.  Please show all work and box your answers!  Please download files for your respective class only.  Please feel free to share the information with your classmates if they are in Mr. Rho's class.  Keep safe, wash your hands, and ask if you have questions!
-Mr. Rho
Please email me at [email protected] if you have any clarifying questions.
NOTE: Please read!!!!!!!! UPDATE!
*These are now due April 3rd, 2020.  If you finish early, please submit by email this week or as soon as possible.  Please title the assignment as "Cumulative Review" in the email subject and message body.
FTS Cumulative Review packet (Download the file and print)
Ch. 5 Review Pg. 406 #1-24all, 39-44 all (Some students may have finished this)
Algebra 2 MCR:
Ch. 7 Cumulative Review (Download the file and print)
Ch. 7 Practice Test: Pg. 403 #1-12 all
Ch. 6 Practice Test: Pg. 353 #1-13 all
Algebra 1:
Ch. 7 Cumulative Review Packet (download and print)
Ch. 7 Review Pg. 410 #1-34 all
Ch. 7 Practice Test Pg. 413 #1-14 all