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CEEB Code: 052358 PVPUSD

Work Experience

Advisor: Dr. Keely Hafer
Room: Associate Principal's Office
Phone: 310-378-8471 Ext. 43252

The work experience program allows students the opportunity to receive elective credit while gaining practical, ‘real world’ experiences in having a job. Students receive grades and school credit for work and related instructional assignments.

Please see the document below for specific monthly assignments.  All reflections should be at least a paragraph per question in length, typed, and submitted to google classroom with their monthly time log signed by a supervisor.  
Credit is allocated as follows:
  • 10 hours per week (weekly flexible hours) = 5 credits per semester
  • 20 hours per week (weekly flexible hours) = 10 credits per semester
Transportation is the responsibility of the student. All job sites need to be approved by Ms. Hafer. 
Students who are interested in future career exploration may participate in the exploratory work experience (internship) programs. Internships are scheduled at various businesses, professional offices, and industrial educational facilities. Supplemental assignments help to complement field participation. Students may intern at sites advertised by PVHS, or they may select their own, but all sites need to be approved by Ms. Hafer

Credit is allocated as follows:
  • 5 hours per week = 5 credits per semester
  • 10 hours per week = 10 credits per semester


All students who have a job, regardless of whether or not they are enrolled in the class, need to have an active work permit on file with PVHS in order to work. The following are the steps to obtain a work permit:


Fill out the intent to employ form. This can be found on the website or by speaking with Dr. Hafer in the counseling office. Make sure all parts are filled out by the appropriate people (including work supervisor). Do not fill out the box at the bottom, titled “For authorized work permit issues only.” 


Once completed, place the intent to employ form in Dr. Hafer's box in the counseling office. When received, she will issue the work permit. **Note: work permits are required for all jobs.

Entertainment work permits cannot be processed at PVHS, and need to be taken to the district office.