Hi Kings,
This is a friendly reminder that school is still in session for the next 2 weeks, even though we are not on campus. I will be posting notes, and links to lectures, as well as homework assignments. I have not made a decision about homework quizzes yet. I will let you know when I have more information about that. I will be grading your chp 6 speed rounds and updating your scores to Aeries. I will grade your chp 7 exams and post a speed round to edmodo along with the usual missed problems page. The chp 8 test is scheduled for Mar 24th which will be postponed to, at the earliest, Wed, 4/8 so that we can review the material on Mon 4/6. The CAASPP is also scheduled for that week, so it might get moved back for the administration of that exam. We will start chp 10 right before spring break. I will be checking my school email [email protected] daily M-F and edmodo.com as well. I will have virtual office hours from noon-2pm M-F as well. Honestly, I've never been in this position before, so I expect there will be some growing pains. We just have to agree to be patient with each other as we move forward.
Tridents up,
Ms. Nemeth.
PS, please go to edmodo.com to like this post so that I know that you're on board.