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CEEB Code: 052358 PVPUSD


Activities Director: Jama Maxfield
Phone: 310-378-8471 Ext. 601
2019-20 Club List
CLUB NAME Club President Meeting Time & Place
A New Chapter: Books for Better Use Adam Real&Jason Shimoyama&Sal Russo monthly at lunch, Room 311
Animal Awareness Association Lisa Miao Monthly at lunch, Room 314
Athletes and Animals Kai Tristan Mohl Lunch, B Days, Room 307
Because Brooke Mia Mccauley& Danielle Davidson Lunch, B Days, Room 405
Black Student Union Cameron Collier Tuesdays, Lunch, Room 509
CARE Carlin Will&Emily Yoon&Kyle Ahn&Kelsey Sanchez 2nd Friday of the month, Room 505
Career Club Devon Mcvicar Monthly in the CCC (Room 318) 
Citizens Climate Lobby  Sophie Munro 2nd Thurday of the Month, Room 313
Competitive Science Club  Curtis Liu, Mark Lee Wednesdays at lunch, Room 314
Cookies for Change Avery Lahr& Garce Borden 1st Thursday of the month, Room 509
Dumbledore's Army Aurora Gamity Monthly at lunch, Room 414
Ethics Bowl Abbie Maemoto Lunch, A Days, Room 405
Fashion Design  Vanessa Tran Monthly at lunch, Room 213
FCA Greta Wendorff Tuesday A days, Gym
Foreign Language Club Nathan Stein, Shaya Moayedi 1 X Friday a month, lunch Rm 412
French Club Alana Wood, Aya Cohen  Tuesdays, Lunch, Room 330
Friendship Club Emmy Rener Tuesdays, Lunch, Lifeskills Room
Gay Straight Alliance Sophie Munro Monthly, Lunch, Room 505
Get Well Soon Natalie Diaz, Ameenah Leigh Wednesdays at Lunch, Room 401
Give Back to Society Madison Grant 1st A Day Friday of the month, Room 314
Global Citizens Emma Sainthilaire Every A Day Friday, Room 314
Guitar Club Jon Waltier Monthly, Band room
Hapa Culture Club Katelyn Hait Fridays, Lunch, Room 311
Happy Heart Club Delanie Guardado Monthly, Room 411
Heal the bay Elena Wingard Lunch, Room 306 & 312
Helping the Homeless Hana Tomizowa&Nicole Russo&Jessica Ottaway 2nd Thursday of the month, Room 331
Hope for Patients Hannah Goharian&Lainey Coyte Monthly, Room 404
Irish American Club    
Library Club Sydney Lyle Fridays at lunch, Library
Jazz Club Jon Walter, Tyler Brodial Wednesdays at lunch, Band Room
Key Club Anton Lok 3rd Thusday of the month, Rm. 305
Korean Culture Club Nikolas Tempereau Monthly at lunch, Room 403
Lunch Buddies Spencer Levin, Koa Vetterlein Weekly at lunch, Room 262
Magic Club Hudson Wesley, Floyd Stott Monthly at lunch, Room 414
Mahjong Club Zachary Huang, Elijah Huang B Day Fridays, lunch in Room 514
Marine Life Preservation Arina Mardani&Emily Behrendsen Monthly, Room 208
Math Club Curtis Liu Tuesday & Thursday at lunch
Packs for People Peyton Pope, Lola Torress B Days at lunch, Room 405
Pay it Forward Phoebe Lai, Justine Levy 3rd Friday of the month, Room 311
Photography Club McKinley Pieper, Beatriz Cabrera A Day Tuesdays, Room 211
Physics Club Chiby Oniyeador Weekly at lunch, Room 206
Plastic Free Club (PFC)  Josie Bohannon, Beatriz Cabrera Monthly, A days, Room 207
Policies Behind Politics Shay Desai, Michael McBride Bi weekly, Room 311
Project Runway Lucy Pluimer Monthly at lunch, Gym
Pure Vida Justine Levy, Gabby Mavar 4th Thursday of the month, Room 517
PVOW: Palos Verdes Organization of Women Caroline Pack, Chloe Lendi  Monthly at lunch, Room 505
PV Pinnacle Business Club Wolfgang Weiss&Anton Lok Monthly at lunch, Room 311
PV Spikeball Club Christian Hokama, Kevin Cross Bi-Monthly at lunch, Room 407
PV Stock Investment Club Kapil Dheeriya 1st B Day of the month, Room 311
PVHS Young Republicans JP Warner, Spencer Macleay Monthly at lunch, Room 322
Red Cross Club Anna Lim&Julie Qiu Montly at lunch, Room 501
Scuba Club Rhiannon Pailet 1st Thursday of the month, Room 207
Sea King Calm  Chaya Holyfield, Ella Frost, Madison Ticknor A days on Thursdays, Room 518
Sea King Journalism Isabella Ruiz, Claire Hardesty, Fin Kehrli Thursdays at lunch, Room 414
Sea King Senior Care Club Peyton Pope, Lola Torress Monthly at lunch, Room 313
Sea King Social Scene Jessica Majka Fridays at lunch, Life Skills
Sea Queens Club Grace Hodges, Kate Lane, Mazie Borda 1st B Day of the month, Room 309
Seed to Sea Adela Riggs Mondays at lunch, Room 213
SoLa Surfs Avery Howard Monthly at lunch, Room 211
Space Exploration Adcocacy Club Morgan Farrier A day Thursdays, Room 206
St. Baldricks Natalia Gagliano, Aubrey Fixen Lunch, 306
Surf board shaping Devin McVicar, Davis Corman Monthly, Room 201
Talk Charlotte Cicero Tuesdays at lunch, Room 313
Ted Ed Club Talor Stroud When requested, Room 510
Thespian Club Kate Kresser A Day Wednesdays. Lunch in OAR
Toberman Club Addison Kostrencich, Nicole Mabry First week of the month, Room 503
TSA (Technology Student Association David Maemoto Fridays at lunch, Room 314
Vegetarian Club Arman Jhangiani&Sydney Lyle Wednesdays at lunch, Room 501
Women in Science and Engineering  Chiara DiCamillo Every other Monday, Room 514
Write Way Eliana Harrison& Jessica Bahny Wednesdays at lunch, Room 509
Young Life Club Samantha Laurin B Day Tuesdays, room 248
Young Philosophers Club Amyrah Doty, Talia Hajjar B Day Thursdays, Room 411