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CEEB Code: 052358 PVPUSD


Activities Director: Jama Maxfield
Phone: 310-378-8471 Ext. 43601

CLUBS 2020-2021

A New Chapter: Books for Better Use

Our mission is to donate books and test prep books that we all amass as students and ignite joy and inspiration to all.

President: Scott Shimoyama


Advisor: Harley

Art Club

The Art Club's goal is to create a welcoming creative community. We will review different pieces of art (i.e. films, paintings, music, pieces of writing, etc.) and create pieces of art ourselves.

President: Sophie Sun


Advisor: Mindicino

Basketball Club


President: Jingdi 


Biology Club

Prepare and compete in various Biology and Chemistry Olympiads.

Presidents: Curtis Liu and Mark Lee


Advisor: Harley

Blankets for Buddies

We make tie fleece blankets to deliver to animal shelters.

Presidents: Alexandra Donell and Isabella Hokama 

Contact: &

Advisor: Harley

Black Student Union

The mission of Black Student Union is to help students strive for academic excellence, promote positive images of African Americans and help students become an integral part of their high school community.

President: Cameron Collier


Advisor: Mogilefsky

Cookies for Change Club

Our club’s goal is to spread positivity and show appreciation to our community by distributing cookies.

Presidents: Grace Borden and Avery Lahr 


Advisor: Mogilefsky 

Current Events Club

We will discuss different current world events or problems each meeting and brainstorm ways we would be able to help including social media, fundraisers, and volunteer work.

Presidents: melina bakopoulou and veronica waters


Advisor: Mogilefsky

Donation for Choctaw Nation

The Choctaw Nation has limited resources, and Covid-19 has made this issue more apparent. But with the help of the Palos Verdes student body, perhaps the strain on the community imposed by Covid-19 can be reduced.

President: Isabella Farrow


Advisor: Harley

Drama Club

To honor student achievement in the theatre arts.

President: Dori Rich


Advisor: Thompson

Dumbledore's Army: Harry Potter Club

Our goal is to bond over our love of JK Rowlings' Harry Potter novels and to create a community to discuss and analyze the deep symbols and messages the books and movies convey.

President: Aurora Khaitbi Garrity


Advisor: Mindicino

Erika's Lighthouse Club

The purpose of this club is to produce awareness, break stigma, and spread empathy for mental health in teens. We want kids to feel like they can reach out for help and that they aren’t alone.

Presidents: Marielle Sandler and Madeline Delana

Contact: and

Advisor: Secrist

Fantasy sports club

Come talk, analyze, and predict different sports. We will pick different topics each week. This club is a good way to strengthen your sports knowledge especially if you are in any fantasy leagues. 

President: Cyrus Abdo


Advisor: Harley 

Fashion Design Club

To inspire creativity by learning about clothing construction, sewing, and fashion trends. 

President: Vanessa Tran


Advisor: Warren

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Our mission is to provide a safe place on campus where everyone can take a break from the craziness at school and spend some time with the Lord and His community! We have meetings with games, food, and a short message at the end. Anyone is welcome to join!

President: Joe Ryan, Isabella Firmani


Advisor: Larkins

Filmmaking Club

A place for anyone who is interested in video production or film to get together, talk about filmmaking, ask questions, and share ideas. We'll also analyze scenes from movies and tv shows and discuss what makes them great and what doesn't. 

President: Michael Sprengel


Advisor: Mindicino

Forensics: Speech and Debate

Speech and Debate has been a growing program at PVHS since its transformation from a club to a 7th period class in 2014. Through the class, students are provided the educational resources, competitive opportunities, and expertise necessary to foster their communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creative skills.  The program is split into two teams, a speech team and a debate team, each with their own coaches and practice schedules. Throughout the school year, both teams compete regularly against 20 other schools in regional tournaments and attend state wide competitions as well.

Presidents: Chloe Dowling


Advisor: Jessop

French Club / French Honor Society

French Club: Share French culture with PVHS students

French Honor Society: Honoring students who excel in French (French 3 Honors & French 4 AP)

President: Madame Byrne (TBD)


Advisor: Byrne

Friendship Club

Friendship Club  is a lunch time club that promotes inclusion and friendship between students with special needs and typical student peers, while doing crafts and other activities. 

Presidents: Emily Drawer and Emily Typrowicz


Advisor: Klabe

Futsal Club

The futsal club would be a club in which soccer players from all grades would join to play a special kind of soccer, futsal. futsal is an indoor soccer game played on a smaller field with smaller goals, and less players on the field at one time. we would educate the members on the history of futsal, as well as strategies used in this game instead of actual soccer.

Presidents: Conor Steinbach and Caiden Cunningham

Contact: and

Advisor: Hill

Gay-Straight Alliance

The purpose of Gay Straight Alliance is to ensure every student is valued and treated with respect, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. We believe all students deserve a safe environment where they can learn and grow free of bullying and harassment. We seek to develop a school climate where difference is valued as a positive contribution to a more diverse school community.

President: Audrey Munro


Advisor: Varela

Give Back to Society

The main purpose of the Give Back to Society Club is to hold donation drives for the abused and disabled children of Olive Crest Academy. These drives will include used articles of clothing, toys, and other essentials from the Palos Verdes High School student body who are willing and able to donate to this special cause. Since we are online, we will be informing our members of opportunities to help benefit our community from home.

President: Madison Grant


Advisor: Mindicino 

Go (Wei QI 围棋) Club

We are trying to promote Go in PV. Anyone can join with or without experience is welcome to join. 

Presidents: David Su and Derek Su


Advisor: Wei

Hapa Culture Club

Celebrating the cultures of mixed kids

Presidents: Asha Timm and Katelyn Hart


Advisor: Harley

Harry Potter Club

During the meetings we will be brainstorming about how we can get kids more involved in reading. We want to reach out to the Boys and Girls clubs in the Harbor area to see if we can read Harry Potter books to the kids either in person or via zoom. During the holidays, our club can ask for donations to make goodie bags for the kids that are less fortunate. We can also watch a Harry Potter movie every two months and have quizzes after the movie via zoom!

Presidents: Vanessa Geich & Ava Yang


Advisor: Kostrencich

Heal the Bay

Heal the Bay is an environmental advocacy group of activists, and our focus is protecting coastal waters and watersheds of socal by picking up trash and educating our community.

Presidents: Emma Nelson and Landon Ota

Contact: and

Advisor: Mitchell

Helping the Homeless

Do our part for people who have been affected by the homelessness crisis in the LA area.

Presidents: Hana Tomizawa, Nicole Russo, Jessica Ottaway


Advisor: Remeta

Hope for Patients

Hope for Patients is a club that is dedicated to recognizing the fight of cancer patients by sending them notes of encouragement. What they are experiencing is unexplainably challenging, and we are determined to provide our support to ensure that they feel loved. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, City of Hope has understandably implemented a strict visitor policy in order to limit further spread of the virus; therefore, we want to make sure that patients are not feeling alone during this period of isolation.

Presidents: Lainey Cote and Hannah Goharian

Contact: and

Advisor: Cho

Investment club

Our goal is to educate students on the basics of investing and stock trading. We do paper trading competitions to see who can make the most (virtual) money.

Presidents: Kapil Dheeriya


Advisor: Harley

Leadership for Women

Educate and inspire the next generation of women to change the current narrative that places business as a male dominated industry.  Club will foster mentor/mentee relationships with senior female executives representing a variety of industries ranging from finance, IT, engineering, hospitality and the corporate world.

President: Keira Wang


Advisor: Loh-Norris

Medical Society Club

In the Medical Society Club, our mission is to help students learn more about the medical field through power-points and guest speakers, as well as teach CPR to students.

President: Viviana Hsiao


Advisor: Fleming

Palos Verdes Mountain Biking Club

In this club we want to bring the love of the mountain biking community together. Even over virtual we want to help people improve their mountain biking skills. We want to aim to get together soon and practice our mountain biking skills in-person. Our club aims to improve the skill of all the mountain bikers that join the club. We aim to visit big bear or santa village in the spring to ride somewhere more advanced and have something to look forward to and work for.

President: Robert E. Higgins


Photography Club

This club will let students that cannot take photography due to their schedules to learn about photography and get a chance to shoot photos. This will also benefit the students who are in photography broaden their horizons. 

Presidents: Chloe Dowling and Zoe Klein

Contact: and

Advisor: Jimenez

Physics Club

To encourage physics involvement at Palos Verdes High School.

President: Chiby Onyeador


Advisor: Warren 

Ping Pong and Pool Club

Welcoming members to experience the entertainment of ping pong and pool.

Presidents: Bodi Brannen and Aidan Eliasson


Advisor: Peterman

Policies behind Politics Club

Discuss domestic political issues (such as immigration reform, trade agreements, healthcare) and evaluate existing and proposed policies. To minimize the polarization in modern politics and learn about issues solely off of policy.

President: Shay Desai, Michael McBride


Advisor: Harley

Political Science and History Club

The purpose of the club is creating a think tank where different facts, opinions, and perspectives can be discussed and then shared with the community and political leaders in order to improve people’s lives and make the world a better place.

President: Thomas Lercari


Advisor: Harley

PVFC (Palos Verdes Fitness Club)

Our goal is to interact with people at our school and in our community to educate/organize members about fitness and health. We want people to help them take care of their bodies and engage in workouts/exercises to stay in shape. We want to see our members set goals and work hard to reach them!

President: Michael Kwon


Advisor: Hill

PVHS Key Club

PVHS Key Club is a student-led service organization sponsored by the Kiwanis of Rolling Hills Estates, whose mission is to serve the children of the community. Our goal is to provide members with an opportunity to serve others and encourage leadership. 

President: Landon Ota


Advisor: Kao

PVHS Red Cross Club

Guided by the fundamental principles of the American Red Cross and its mission to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors the Palos Verdes High School Red Cross Club, will learn, practice and exemplify humanitarian values through mission-related service projects.

President: Iruka-Dara Chidi


Advisor: Kwak

PVHS Ted Ed Club

To give students an outlet to be creative and express their own idea in a Ted Talk. To celebrate the student’s “idea worth spreading” on an online platform. To develop better public speaking, research, and critical thinking skills.  

President: Taylor Stroud


Advisor: Lyins


The purpose of Palos Verdes Organization of Women (PVOW) is to end rape culture and educate peers about sexual assault, advocate for equal treatment of men and women, and promote intersectional feminists ideals. PVOW works to affect social change through monthly meetings and events throughout the school year. We will use our platform to dismantle institutionalized discrimination and creation equal environment for all women and men.

President: Anne-Sophie Corry


Advisor: Varela

Rock Climbing Club

We want to teach people about rock climbing and bring students together through a common hobby.

President: Erik Gresset, Clark Michel


Scrap Engineering Club

To inspire kids to love engineering by attempting to build projects using scrap parts from other builds.

President: Andreas Tempereau


Advisor: Norris

Sea King Social Scene

Sea King Social Scene is a lunch time club that promotes inclusion and friendship between students with special needs and typical student peers. 

President: Emily Drawer and Jessica Majka


Advisor: Kilpatrick 

Sea Queens

We volunteer at our school's baseball snack shack during the spring season to raise money for our baseball program.

Presidents: Jenna Peterson, Brooke Borden 


Advisor: Stapleton

Skimboarding Club

The skim boarding club is welcome to both flat and deep water skimboarding. The club will meet through zoom once a week and later when the virus calms down and we are able to meet, we will meet at the beach. We will go to the beach to teach new skim borders and ride with experienced ones. On zoom meetings we will go over how to do tricks and try them when we go to the beach. We will watch competitions and maybe even go to a couple competitions. My mission of the club is to bring my life of skimboarding into other people's lives.

President: Tobias Rodriguez


Advisor: Hill

Spanish National Honor Society

Spanish National Honor Society is an academic honor society focused on Spanish language excellence in high school and promotes a continuity of interest in Spanish studies and Hispanic culture. Its motto is "¡Todos a una!"

President: Kapil Dheeriya


Advisor: Remeta

Stock Market Investing Club

To educate and motivate our Palos Verdes High School students about the value and strategies of investing in Stock Markets. 

Presidents: Steel Weiss and Anthony Yoon

Contact: and

Advisor: Harley

Streetwear in Media club

Our club's goal is to dive into streetwear, its culture and background, leading artists and designers in the industry, and more. We hope to educate those who have a passion for streetwear about its roots and how it is prevalent in our society today. We will lead activities such as discussions, making vision boards, look books, and collages, creating outfits, doing photoshoots, and more!

Presidents: Alexis Choi, Jahzara Nash 

Contact: ;


The Education Equity Project

The Education Equity Project aims to bridge the gap in education, disfavoring black, indigenous, and people of color through multiple Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives. These initiatives include providing free tutoring sessions to Los Angeles Unified elementary and middle schools students of –low-income and of racial minority– in various subjects and providing classroom materials and resources for these schools. Through this, The Education Equity Project hopes to promote equity for youth in education by helping children acquire the knowledge and resources they deserve for success in future academia and ultimately in life. 

President: Hannah Baetge


Advisor: Barton

The Gift of Kindness

The Gift of Kindness Club will make colorful bracelets with positive affirmation charms that will be donated and/or sold with all proceeds going to the Painted Turtle Organization benefiting children with chronic illnesses. 

President: Brianna Kunich


Advisor: Brockman

The Playlist Club

The idea of this club is to bring together people with diverse music tastes and get people together from different social groups. Our mission is to expose people to music that they wouldn’t be exposed to on their own. From country to classical, everyone has a unique taste. Every meeting, we would all share our favorite songs and put together a playlist for everyone to listen to in their free time at the end of the meeting. It is a great opportunity to express why music is so important to us and we will touch on this in the meetings. The love people have for music is unmatched and especially in our time in quarantine, music keeps you company.

Presidents: Chloe Blue and Avery Lahr

Contact: and

Advisor: Sinsombutcharoen

Women In Science and Engineering (WISE)

We recruit and support young women of all ethnic backgrounds in science and engineering (S&E) and foster a healthy academic and social environment for men and women alike. We demonstrate to fellow female engineers that gender should not be a factor that prevents them from achieving success. 

President: Alice Min


Advisor: Norris

Write Way

A club for all writers, creators, and media artists that involve story-telling!

Presidents: Rachel Bond, Emily Lee


Advisor: Mogelifsky 

Young Life Lunch Club

Young Life lunch club is a place where students can come together, play fun games, hang with their friends, and read a little bit about Jesus. 

President: Samantha Laurin 


Advisor: Rho