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CEEB Code: 052358 PVPUSD


NHS Painted Turtle logoAdvisor: Cari Secrist
Room: 410
310-378-8471 Ext. 43710
Mandatory meeting for NHS this Friday, 12/11 at 12:00. Zoom link has been emailed.
Congratulations to our new National Honor Society members for 2020-2021!

Jasmine Alagoz
Hannah Allen
Hannah Baetge
Calvin Barnum
Caroline Berry
Isabella Bezelj
Chloe Blue
Grace Bonvechio
George Bornheimer
Ellen Brandt
Nolan Brandt
Isabella Brannan
Heath Bray
William Bray
Andrew Carpenter
Sasha Chehrzadeh
Charlotte Cicero
Brooke Cleveland
Cameron Collier
Sean Conlon
Anne-Sophie Corry
Caiden Cunningham
Jake Danon
Zachary Dawson
Joshua Diokno
Jack Donell
Jantzen Ebreo
Tyler Ewald
Michala Fairchild
Isabella Farrow
Violet Fermaman
Paige Forte
Alexis Fox
Morgan Fresch
Parker Fry
Jenna Gallo
Brianna Gianetto
Erik Gressett
Claire Hardesty
Milana Herrera
Katherine Jorczak
Steven Kaufman
Katherine Keough
Carson Kim
William Kirk
Jared Kramer
Brianna Kunich
Michael Kwon
Riley Lampe
Sarah Liu
Jessica Mabry
David Maemoto
Sam Malekzadeh
Elizabeth Manth
Jillian Martz
Kylie McElroy
Margaret(Molly) McLeod
Austin Mone
Greta Norris
Sophia Norris
Owen Park
Danielle Parker

Rachel Post
Maggie Puhl
Sarah Rancic
Adela Riggs
Ryan Roche
Nicholas Semmer
Zoe Shafizadeh
Eric Sheng
Scott Shimoyama
Avery Simonian
Charles Simpson
Aprajita Singh
Harper Skeie
AnneMarie Sorenson
Michael Sprengel
Emma St. Hillaire
Courtney Sugano
Asha Timm
Vanessa Tran
Spencer Tran
Keira Wang
Hudson Wesley
Ava Yang
Congratulations to the NHS Board for 2020-2021!
Jaden Camel
Arjun Mathew
Spencer Levine
Cambell Harrigian
Sydney Singh
Alexandra Wescott

National Honor Society

  • An organization that recognizes students who show achievement in scholarship, leadership, service, and character
  • Membership is not a right but a privilege
  • Sponsors The Painted Turtle
  • Open to Juniors and Seniors
How do I get in?
  • Evaluated in FOUR specific areas
  • Scholarship
  • Character
  • Leadership
  • Service
  • Need to be well-rounded in ALL 4 areas
  • To qualify in the scholarship aspect: A Cumulative Un-Weighted Academic Grade Point Average of at least 3.65
    (GPA is no longer a factor after the minimum is reached)
  • To meet the character requirement, you must be a student of good character
  • All PVHS faculty will complete a character evaluation checklist for all applicants
  • This is confidential information & will not be shared with student or parent
  • Example of automatic disqualification in the character area: Cheating and Stealing
  • Any Volunteer Services – (non-paid & non-academic)
  • Service-oriented clubs, youth groups, volunteer work programs DURING High School
  • Description sheet MUST be signed by, and only by, adult sponsor with a contact phone number
  • Any position, office, or membership on sport, club, production, band or committee
  • Membership is not as significant as holding a position
  • Seriousness of organization is taken into consideration
Evaluation Process
  • Each application becomes completely anonymous (so do NOT write your name anywhere else than required on your app)
  • Read by Faculty members who don’t know who’s application they’re reading
  • Admission is based off the faculty member’s decisions
  • You will not know who read your application
  • Ms. Secrist and the NHS Student Board are NOT INVOLVED in this evaluation process
Advisor Roles
  • DO NOT contact Ms. Secrist or NHS student board regarding individual issues
  • They have no influence over the decision process and are not part of the selection committee
Other Notes
  • Information Packet available at top of this page.
  • Don’t write your name except for when it’s required
  • Don’t list duplicate recognitions
  • All activities must be from High School (this is a HS organization)
  • You are not penalized for submitting an activity that doesn’t count. It will simply be ignored
  • Invalid Info = Disqualification
  • You must be well rounded in all four areas!